Ep13 – Glenn Sanford

GAP Glenn Sanford | Real Estate Journey

Glenn Sanford is CEO of eXp World Holdings, Inc. and Chief Strategy Officer at VirBELA CEO SUCCESS Enterprises. 2:15 – Glenn has 35,000 real estate agents 5:15 – Who were the influences you’ve had throughout your life 8:18 – who was your very first attitude coach and what was Glenn Sanford like as a child? […]

Bridging The Gap From Influenced To Influencer With Fee Gentry

GAP Fee Gentry | Equitable Real Estate

Change is always a part of life, whether in our personal lives or in our careers. But when it’s time to make that change, the attitude we take is going to make all the difference. On today’s show, real estate advisor Fee Gentry shares her message of hope for the people that want to get […]