#1 – Jairek Robbins, Motivation speaker and President of Success Magazine

GAP S3 1 Jairek | Coaching

  Are you looking to get into the coaching industry? Want to know what it takes to become a coach? This is the episode for you. Joining Glenn Bill on the season 3 premiere of the Get Attitude Podcast is Jairek Robbins. Jairerk is a motivational speaker, the President of Success Magazine, and the author […]

Bridging The GAP From Abandonment To The NFL With Anthony Trucks

GAP Anthony Trucks | Making A Shift

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. He uses cutting-edge science and psychology to upgrade how you operate so you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential. After being given away […]

Ep9 – Don Hobbs

GAP Don Hobbs | Keep Growing

Don Hobbs is president, SUCCESS Enterprises. Recognized as Realtor Magazine’s “Top 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate.” President of Motivational Mega-Star, Jim Rohn Productions, Co-Founder Hobbs Herder Advertising, pioneer of Realtor® branding (a massive industry disruptor) & influencer to 1M+ agents. 4:55 – Who was your attitude coach growing up? 7:40 – What’s the […]

Ep20 – Steve Jacobson – Fairway Mortgage

Right Attitude To Succeed

Steve Jacobson talks about letting peace be your referee. As founder and CEO of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Steve Jacobson oversees and directs all business operations for the company’s full-service mortgage lending operation. Steve founded Fairway in April of 1996, and within five years, he grew the company to achieve over $1 billion in closed […]

Booster #1: Andy Andrews From Homelessness to Best-Selling Author

Nice Attitude

On today’s podcast… 2:04 – Andy’s book The Traveler’s Gift 6:00 – Homeless, living under a pier, Andy is introduced to something that would change his life forever 8:56 – “…the quality of our answers can only be determined by the quality of our questions…” 13:18 – The connection being controlling your emotions and being […]