#1 – Jairek Robbins, Motivation speaker and President of Success Magazine

GAP S3 1 Jairek | Coaching

  Are you looking to get into the coaching industry? Want to know what it takes to become a coach? This is the episode for you. Joining Glenn Bill on the season 3 premiere of the Get Attitude Podcast is Jairek Robbins. Jairerk is a motivational speaker, the President of Success Magazine, and the author […]

Bridging the Gap from Broke to the Million in You with Jon Talarico

GAP Jon Talarico | Building Successful Relationships

Attitude is everything. When we understand that we can alter our lives by altering our attitudes and mindset, that will cause us to feel a different way and achieve the results that we never had before but that all of us truly want. On today’s show, Jon Talarico joins Glenn Bill to share the story […]