#1 – Jairek Robbins, Motivation speaker and President of Success Magazine

GAP S3 1 Jairek | Coaching

  Are you looking to get into the coaching industry? Want to know what it takes to become a coach? This is the episode for you. Joining Glenn Bill on the season 3 premiere of the Get Attitude Podcast is Jairek Robbins. Jairerk is a motivational speaker, the President of Success Magazine, and the author […]

Here’s What’s Coming Up On The Season 3 Premiere Of The Get Attitude Podcast

GAP S3 | Season 3 Premiere

  Here’s what’s coming up on the Season 3 premiere of the Get Attitude Podcast with Glenn Bill. Get ready to meet Mr. Jairek Robbins, President of SUCCESS Enterprises. Join him as he shares the secret of attaining the peak of your success, as well as help others achieve that same level of success. Discover […]