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There is a lot of difference between developed and developing countries regarding health care systems. Today’s guest has made it their mission to change healthcare in Africa, and he is doing so by leading with a positive attitude. Dr. Yomi Jaye is the Founder & Medical Director of Cecy Health, a healthcare organization established with a mandate to change the negative narratives in Africa’s healthcare system. He is also an advocate of health care reformation and rebuilding in African communities. According to Yomi, you can have ideas, equipment, technology, and finance, but if your attitude is bad and your mindset is poor, you can’t make any difference. Listen to his conversation with Glenn Bill and be inspired by his positive mindset and actionable plans to create meaningful change in his community.

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Dr. Yomi Jaye, MD, MBA On Changing The Face Of Healthcare In Africa With A Positive Attitude

In this episode, we are going to share the light all the way from Nigeria. We have the one and only speaker, doctor, and Founder of Cecy Health, Dr. Yomi Jaye. Yomi, welcome to the show.

I’m here.

Yomi, you are not in Nigeria. You are in Florida, US. Tell us a little bit about what you are doing.

I want to say thank you to the viewers back home and for coming to this show. It’s a great privilege to talk to people, add value to lives, and then share what’s your part. I’m in Florida. I’m visiting my friends and family to connect and have a little break from work. That’s how it has been from one thing to another in touching lives in rural communities and cities. Maintaining that health is a vital force in the race of life when else is challenged. Every bit of that thing loses value. I am in the business of changing the face of the healthcare system in Africa but during this period, I needed to take a little break, relax, and be fine.

When you think about attitude and say, “I’m going to change healthcare in Africa,” it’s a pretty big goal, and it takes a big attitude to do that. Number one, what I would love to know is what your attitude was. What created your attitude to take on such a huge goal to change healthcare in Africa? Tell me the 1 or 2 major changes that you want to make.

The goal is crazy. The first time I said it to anybody, the person looked at me and walked away. “Go get something reasonable to do to feed yourself, and you can be fine.” If you want to change your life, you must have a crazy goal. Until they call your goal a crazy one, you have not done anything. Peter Diamandis, the guy, the astronaut, the doctor, the Founder of XPrize, and all that, one of Tony Robbins’ buddies, said, “An idea a day before the breakthrough is a crazy idea.” If you don’t have a crazy idea, you cannot break through.

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I grew up with a single mom who took care of the four of us. She said, “I want you to be a doctor but I love Physics and Math. I wanted to be an engineer.” I love God, so I prayed. I found out that I should go and be a doctor. I became a doctor. She’s single and runs us in school and all that. After I finished medical school, a few weeks after, she had an accident and died. That was a major crushing pain in my attitude. It was crazy.

I was disillusioned. I didn’t know what to do. The person that made me run to be a doctor has gone. What’s all this? One day, I was reading a book and was alone. I read in that book is everything is energy. You have the power to move from the positive side of the energy to the negative side of energy. That’s your choice. That means you can be crying out and decide there’s no more cry, and you want to smile.

That came to my mind. If you change your attitude, you can actually change this idea of what your mom went through, the pains and suffering. You can use it to help all women who are going through the same thing. That’s the beginning of Cecy Health. I jumped into the fact that let me set what they call them massively transformative purposes as taught by one of my coaches Peter Diamandis. I mentioned him a lot. He’s a doctor and natural. He is a crazy thinker.

I decided I was going to do what could change the face of the healthcare system in Africa to affect a billion population within ten years. That’s the beginning of Cecy Health. It was like, “Let’s begin. Let’s start.” I know that you can’t do that within normal thinking. You need to have a strength and depth within.” That took me to the Tony Robbins event, where I met Glenn Bill. My attitude at that event attracted a lot of great people towards me. I was in one of my friend’s houses, Glenn Bill. We have been friends since 2017. Do you remember, Glenn Bill?

What has kept on, if you don’t have a deep-seated, positive attitude that you can be in charge of your mind every day, the events will move around you. I decided to put up a quote. I decided to keep that to myself. I said, “Think about your environment to suit this success you want or you will be staged out of what belongs to you.” The only way you can think of the environment is here.

Let me say this example. When an elephant sees a lion, the elephant sees the hope of this eater as calm, irrespective of the big size. An Elephant is multiple times the size of a lion but when the lion sees an elephant, it sees food. What’s the difference here? The attitude within. That attitude is what has helped so far so good.

GAP S3 9 | Healthcare In Africa
Healthcare In Africa: You have the power to move from the positive side of the energy, to the negative side of it.


Obviously, we are going to have lots of Americans reading this. Talk to me about the difference between American healthcare and Nigerian healthcare. What do you take from America back to Nigeria to make things better?

The first thing I will say is that there’s a lot of difference between the developed world and the developing world. The systems are organized, the equipment and technology are there, and the access to do technologies are also there. The ideas, equipment, technology, and finance can be there. If your attitude is bad and your mindset is poor, you can’t make any difference. Some of my team members will be reading this. That’s one of the reasons we make sure that before we start work every day, it is to follow what we call the three to thrive. You want to change here.

The first thing is physiology. We call it Cecylian Way. We do a workout in which you move your body. One of the gurus, partner development and life coach, Tony Robbins, who you knew, said, “When you change how you move your body, you change your biochemistry.” That makes you change your focus. You will see the problem. There is one community where we work the most. I’ve seen the picture and the video all over. These people work in a terrible environment. I try to make it as suitable, comfortable, and all that for them but I work more on their mind because that’s what keeps you. I make sure that mindset change physiology. You must do a workout. If you must work with us, you must be committed to doing the workouts every morning.

The first thing is the basic thing. The second thing is that, as you do the workouts, we give you some positive mantras and affirmations that help you to change your language, thoughts, and thinking. We are grooming what we call Cecylian Medical Team. You see one thing. When they travel out of the country to the UK or maybe to go and work elsewhere, they are different. Their mindset is different.

They become stronger than what you expect and able to do more things. I will say that success in life is not dependent on resources. It is how much resourcefulness you have inside of you. That’s your emotional aspect, mindset, and attitude. A good attitude is what connects you. Your finance apply. Your attitude defines what you achieve. There are ideas we bring and learn from different parts of the countries that we go to like the UK and all that. We have different connections. There is an issue of financing, medical equipment, stable power, and all that. If you don’t develop your attitude, you might have all that, and it will crash.

Was your mother named Cecy?

Giving is the beginning of receiving. It is what kick starts the process of receiving. Click To Tweet

Her name is Cecilia. I refined it for Cecy and loved it.

If people want to help Cecy, where would they go to give some financial support or to follow what you are doing? What you are doing is incredible. It is the light in Nigeria. Where would they go? Is there a website?

We found out that people come out to come and say, “Donate for me.” It has tapped Africa to be a place where anytime you see an African man. It’s aides and donations. I read in a book that aides and donations have never been sustainable. Collaborations and partnerships are the best forms. When I switched my mind away from that, everything changed. What we do is, let’s say, Glenn Bill Foundation wants to do something in Africa. We are here for you. We will not even collect money. We will tell you, “These are the things you need to do. Get them, bring them, and then we will work together until it’s done.” It is a win-win situation.

If there’s a problem somewhere and they want to do something, what we do is ask, “What do you want to do? What do you have? Get them.” These are the things you have. We will bring what we have. If it is capacity, it will bring. If it is this, we will bring you. We will bring local contact, and then we will work it together. The one grows bigger. Everybody must move. It will, from the mindset of aides and donations. It erodes human dignity. It shuts down your capacity when you begin to think of, “What I can add.” We have one club called Exponential Thinking Youth. What I’m training the youth are basic things.

Every young person thinks, “What can I get?” We moved them away from that. You don’t grow by what you get. You grow by what you give and what you become. That’s what it is. Giving is living. Getting is not living. Getting is dying. When you eat the size of the animal, this family, the size of the man, noise want to bring up. They say that one animal eats about 100 pounds of straw every day. You release about 98 pounds of fertilizer. That is a lie. If it doesn’t release it, it will die.

Giving is the beginning of receiving. Giving is what kicks starts the process of resilience, so what do we do? I followed Bob Proctor, good memory, who died in early 2022, a very sweet, loving man and energy-pumping guy. He was my first-ever coach. When I say I paid coach, that was the first man. We worked for thirteen months. I lead one thing. He said, “Do you know one thing? There’s a love working.” Mindset is everything. If you think you are fully apart, you are gone. He said, “One thing that you must realize is that the Law of Value states that. If you want something, you need to create a space for it. If you want new clothes, you are packing the hot clothes inside that, go and hand it to them.”

GAP S3 9 | Healthcare In Africa
Healthcare In Africa: Most people don’t suffer from lack of resources. We suffer from poor mental attitude.


When you hand it to them and you be like, “What am I going to wear?” Watch The Law of Value is a blessing. This had the mindset that you must change. Most people don’t suffer from a lack of resources. We suffer from a lack of poor men attitude. That said, the positive thinking or something that. That’s why you wrote that book because your attitude can shift and destroy your life. One other area that you must focus on. Let me tell you this one. This one is a kicker. Gratitude is the attitude. The hope you work to infinite supply on unending supply. When you look at the word gratitude, you’d be like, “I’ve not eaten now. What gratitude am I going to be grateful about? I’m sick. I’m bedridden.”

You have lots of food and houses. God is the reason you’ve not lost everything. If you lost something, you still have something to be grateful for. You are still breathing. Those in the hospital are breathing oxygen, and they are paying. If you fail to pay for the oxygen, can you pay it? You pray, and you breathe. You breathe freely and easily. Some cannot do that. It is when you are grateful for what you have, then you begin to create better reasons for more.

I jumped to another thing, which is also very key. These are keys that have helped me, and I dwell in them almost every day. I teach the children that this is the way to think. Tony Robbins said, “Most of us were capable of extraordinary things but what we achieve is usually disappointing compared to what we can achieve. Why? Poor attitude.” When you are able to work on what your attitude is, you are going to be on the scale. If I’m going to give three quick tips to maintain a stable attitude every day. Somebody would say, “I cannot get motivated every day.” One lady came to me and said, “I see you happy every day. What makes you happy every day?”

I said, “This is it.” Is it a bad thing? Is it that people won’t disappoint me? Is it that things don’t fail? No, I get smarter than negatives. You have to be smarter than negative. If you look very well, you will find positive. If you look very well, you will find negative. Why should you now worry yourself? Look out for good, and there’s the good. Good is everywhere. Good and bad, the whole is looking around. Look for good all the time. It is what you look out for that you are going to find. When a new car comes out, and you are seeing it for the first 90 days, the next minute, you are seeing it again. Why? Reticular activating system. It picks up to look out for that thing that you have seen before.

I will say that the problem in any part of the world, Africa, the Middle East or anywhere, is not financial. It is more largely on our mindset. In those countries, there are rich people who work their way to the top without doing any negative to anybody. That’s the way to think. Back to my point. Poor mentality produced poor people. A rich mentality produced a rich community. A poor mindset brings a poor generation. A rich mindset brings riches all around. I can say this less. I’m going to wrap up the last part of what I’m saying with this one. Abundance thinking is very important.

Abundance in happiness, health, and wealth. Those 3, 2 H, and 1 W. That’s all everybody wants in life. You want to be happy. You want to be wealthy. You want to be healthy. I will share with everybody on this call to say this to yourself every day, “From abundance, I took abundance, I give abundance, I said abundance, I enjoy abundance, and abundance remains.” That can be abundance, health, wealth, and happiness in all forms. Think that way, and you see that way. If you can hold it so long in your head, you can hold it in your hand.

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We are with Dr. Yomi Jaye from Cecy Healthy. He’s the Founder. Yomi is a lightning rod. He is a light, like a season three. This is why I said I have to have him on my show. Yomi, what I would love to know is a story where Cecy Health or you personally help someone. When you find somebody, and then you help them through Cecy Health or personally, what’s that story? I’m sure that the story you are getting ready to tell us can be related to the people that are reading. Tell us one of your biggest success stories on what you’ve been able to do.

We try to downplay this but I’m going to share it with you. There is a community where we have our team members walk in there in collaboration with some partners. There are about 25,000 community members. No descent clinic. Nothing at all. When they want to deliver in their houses, children die of preventable diseases. We are moving into the community with our partners with newly clinic. The clinic is working there. One day, a woman with eight children was pregnant and was in labor at home. Of course, the usual thing that they deliver in their houses. She was bleeding. If that clinic is not there and you have to take her to the hospital, it will take another four hours. This one was bleeding tremendously because she was in labor, and the uterus was torn.

The doctors went to the house and carried her to the hospital. They went into the theater in the hospital that day with minimal equipment, repaired the uterus, and brought the baby out. It did 10 pints of blood over 8 hours. The woman survived, and she was able to mother all the seven children that she already had. That’s what a big story for us.

Of course, we have the concept of family planning. We helped how to do proper family planning. She’s alive. This is life. Now the second one. This man came to the hospital. He’s blind. He could not see due to a cataract. A cataract is the leading cause of blindness globally and one of the easiest forms of eye surgery. We dealt with an eye surgeon and then did bilateral eye surgery. They removed the plaster.

The following day, the man has suddenly seen. To me, it was like, “Jesus saw you. Open your eyes, and you started to see.” It was a miracle. The whole community bought him everywhere. That’s the impact. Let me tell you, look at my skin. I’m not White but they will say, “White men have come.” That’s what they call us. Why? What we do here is similar to what they thought in their head that White men come to do. It is to serve you.

There are many other stories. That has attracted a lot of collaboration and partnerships. From Florida, we got some people who got different shoes, and then we shipped them down to the place. The children were happy and excited. We are preparing for back to school in September. It’s going to be a hustle. In the community that partners with us, we don’t say, “Do you want to do this?” “No, we don’t.” Partners come. That’s how it has been. Cecy Health has a mission to change the face of the healthcare system in Africa but also has a mission to raise giants in the healthcare system. People with a strong mind, positive, and great attitudes. I want to tell everybody reading, work like you’ve done everything, get an attitude.

GAP S3 9 | Healthcare In Africa
Healthcare In Africa: Poor mentality produces poor people. Rich mentality produces rich communities. Poor mindsets breed poor generations. Rich mindsets breed riches all around.


I want to thank you and many of you who knew that we’d done the Fast Global Attitude Awareness Day. Dr. Yomi, his wonderful people in Nigeria, and the children all had the University of Attitude badges on, and they were dancing and happy. I said, “In one of the poorest countries in the world, the happiness, love, energy, and vitality of all those people dancing on Global Attitude Awareness Day.” we had to award Nigeria the very first Global Attitude Award for the country with the greatest attitude and great leader of Yomi.” Thank you. Go to our YouTube channel. You will see what Yomi did. If you want to partner or build a relationship with Yomi, reach out to me directly. Follow him on Facebook, @YomiJaye is his Facebook handle.

He is somebody that you want to follow and get a piece of him. He has been so great. Yomi, what we always like to do is finish our interview with your hope for the people that are reading. There are people that come to this show that search for how to bridge the gap between who they are and who they want to become, and from where they are to where they want to go.

We would love you to finish by telling them your secrets on how to get to where you want to go, how to become who you want to become, and what’s your secret. This is your closing remark. Your message of hope for the people that are walking the beaches, on the streets, listening to this show in their car going, “I need a little bit more of Yomi to make my day, my life and my month.” It’s now on you.

I’m going to use what we call Exponential Thinker Secret. Number one, you must have a goal. No matter what. That is life-changing. If you have financial goals, start with anything small. You must have a goal that you’ve never achieved before. I teach children all this attitude. This is the sign and I said, “You must have the goal.” The second one is you must work on your goal.

The third one is you must think about your goal. An explanation of each of these is you must have a goal. Have a crystal clear mental picture of your goal in your mind, then think. Consciously think about your goal. That is when you now have to cut the picture. What do you want to do? What are the goals? Paste it on the ceiling, and see it when you wake up or paste it in front of the mirror.

You think about it and then take a baby step. What is the first thing you think you can do? Don’t think about the whole store or online. If you want to drive from Indianapolis to Houston, you can, but you cannot see Houston from Indianapolis. You can see only as far as the lights. Once you go for that, you see that. Take baby steps. When you take action, everything changes. That will be the secret. I last one to top it up, which I must close with, is to make sure you put yourself in a positive state of mind every day. Thank you very much. God bless.

Yomi, you have put us in a positive state of mind. You are a gift from God. You are a dear friend. I love following you. You lit us up. You gave us the light that we needed in season three. I want to thank you for being here. This is Dr. Yomi with Glenn Bill saying goodbye from the show.


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About Dr. Yomi Jaye

GAP S3 9 | Healthcare In AfricaAn advocate of health care reformation and rebuild in African communities. With over a 15 of medical practices, medical marketing and health management in Nigeria with OAUTHC, Pfizer, UNICEF, THE RODING MEDICAL CENTRE, Dr Abayomi Durojaye is digital health tech savvy
-CEO and founder of KiaKia Response Klinik NG a smart primary care.
-a public health practitioner, 
-a chartered Health Business Professional from Oxford, 
-a Unicef trained health promotion Specialist, 
-Advisory consultant to Sweden Ghana Medical Centre, Ghana and 
-Health and Wellness consultant and trainer to select group of oil and gas firms.
-A student of Tony Robbins institute , proctor Gallagher coaching a follower of exponential medicine and a health futurist.
-Passionate about changing the face of healthcare in Africa.
Currently the MD/CEO of CECY Health an indigenous company that specializes on worksite clinic management for corporate organizations ,comfort health care, community health( for organizations who performs this as CSR), Health related research, Health Management, health promotion and Trainings
Community health outreach in rural areas and hard to reach regions of the medically under-served areas. We do this for organizations who intend to carry out such projects as the corporate social services. We work with Community relation mangers and Corporate Affairs managers. We do all activities in a specially branded manner promoting the key areas of focus of our clients and ensuring that the people to be reached get the full benefit of such charity service.
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