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A lot of people get stuck in life because they don’t get themselves out of the drama triangle. This is especially true for many women, who often find themselves stuck in victimhood. How do you get out of the drama triangle and finally get into a mindset of success? This is what Realtor, certified mentor, real estate and mortgage instructor, author, and COO of the Cliff Freeman Group, Rachel Cahill brings to our Gappers in this episode. Tune in as she shares her story of moving from victimhood to being the creator of her own destiny. Rachel drops bombs on us, so be prepared to have your mind blown!

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Getting Out Of The Drama Triangle And Into A Mindset Of Success With Rachel Cahill, GRI, PSA, CDEI, CREI

We have a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Rachel Cahill, coming to the show. She is a realtor broker, a certified mentor, a certified real estate and mortgage instructor, and COO of the Cliff Freeman Group. They did 513 transactions in 2022, over $176 million in sales, and they have about 97 agents she leads and mentors. She has been the author of twenty different books. She has put together online courses. When I came to Plano, Texas, her unbelievable skill, attitude, calmness, and understanding podcaster, Attitude Booster Number Six: Control Your Emotions, filled the room.

We had an awesome seminar with her. I said, “This is a person that our GAPers need to meet, especially our female GAPers and entrepreneurs.” As I watched her, got to learn from her, and have dinner with her, I was like, “This gal could do so much good for our people.” Without further ado, Rachel Cahill, welcome to the show.

It is nice to be part of the show.

We love having you, Rachel. It is great. How are things down in Texas going for you? Is anything different in 2023 from 2022, or are they about the same?

2023 versus 2022, we have tremendous growth on our team. It has been an exciting opportunity for us because it has been a challenge and a gift at the same time. We have to think through some of our strategies, what works when you are at 20 and 40. It didn’t always work when we got up to 97 agents. We are constantly working to improve our tools and systems to make sure that we are supporting our agents and giving them everything they need to be successful. They have to bring the rest with their work ethic. We are there to support them with all the tools. They meet us in the middle. We help everybody grow. That is the big focus of our team.

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Rachel, when I look at your numbers and all the different things you do, you are like most working women. You are a mom at home. I got to meet your daughter. She was awesome. There has to come a time when you feel a little bit overwhelmed. When I look at everything you do and the numbers on the real estate side, but also the instruction and the event planning, what is your attitude number one about your life and the feeling of overwhelm? What tips could you give are GAPers for those working moms or females out there that have this business that is exploding that are going, “I feel overwhelmed, help me?” I love to hear your 1, 2, and 3 on how you manage it.

I would say, “Don’t give up.” One of the things that are challenging, whether you are a man or a woman, is the challenges that life puts in your way as obstructions and roadblocks if you are doing construction. Your life is going to be always under construction. It is a matter of finding a process or a way to navigate through that. I’m a Capricorn. They are mountain goats. We find our way up the side of the mountain. You are like, “How the heck does a mountain go through that?” They stay on these tiny little ledges. That is the way I have gotten through life.

Your life is always going to be under construction. It is a matter of finding a process, a way to navigate through that. Click To Tweet

I have been in this business for many years. I have had to learn some hard lessons over time. The thing that happened back in 2008 is the thing that we shall not talk about. You have to realize that all these things present challenges and you are going to have to find a way to overcome them. It is those things that give you the strength to grow and increase your capacity to become a stronger leader, a mother, or whatever it is that you are looking to go towards. That strength, courage, and character you develop through the hard times are what get you there.

I have been doing some coaching with a dear friend of mine, Gary De Rodriguez. Cliff introduced me to him. One of the things that we have been talking about a lot is some of these leadership concepts, like getting out of the drama triangle. He has this drama triangle. I’m privileged to do a speaking engagement for the Girls with Grit event here in Dallas. We had about 100 people there. They asked me to talk about getting out of that drama triangle and getting into a mindset of success. I have used this in my leadership roles, and I’m using it in my house to provide a better atmosphere for people. Instead of being on the drama triangle, let me maybe step into that a little bit.

I would love to hear about it.

The drama triangle has three sides. On one end of the drama triangle, there is a victim. He was like, “Poor me, everything is wrong. It is always going to be wrong. Everything always happens to me. It is always horrible.” There is another person that is always the person who is the villain. “This villain is always doing something to me.” The villain could be something. It could be someone, life, or fate. That is what that is. The victim is always stuck in that space there and attacked by some villain. They are always looking for some hero to come in and save them, like superwoman, as I am. I’m going to come in and save them.

One of the things I had to learn, as a leader when our team was little, it was easy for me to get in there and work with people. All my life, I have been someone who has been there to help and support people. That has been one of the things that I was blessed with. Everybody came and talked to me when they needed help and support. Even if I wasn’t even that good of friends with them, they would still come to me. That is my gift in life.

Using this drama triangle and understanding that role, I can’t be a superwoman and the hero that comes in and tries to fix them. What I have been learning to apply is the Empowerment Triangle, in which the victim gets moved into a role called the Creator. The villain gets moved into a role called the Challenger, and the hero gets moved into a role called Coach.

The victim is now going to be a creator. Instead of saying, “Poor me,” it is like, “How can I create a solution for myself? How can I get out of this? How can I challenge myself instead of taking a different path?” Most of the time, when you are stuck in a victim role, you can’t see anything. Everything is cloudy. It is covered up and you can’t see a way out. If you are thinking in the mindset of a creator, you are like, “This isn’t working what we are doing here. How can I create a better solution for myself?” Sometimes you have to have some people to work with you to get there.

Instead of saying, “You suck all the time,” that challenger person is going to say, “Let’s challenge you to do something different.” Maybe it is a problem you are encountering. Instead of saying, “This is a problem. It is always the worst,” you’ll be like, “This is an opportunity for me to grow.” Everything that we have encountered over the last several years of me being in this business, every time I run into a challenge, it is an opportunity for me to learn something new and grow.

GAP 21 | Mindset Of Success
Mindset Of Success: Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new and grow.


The best part is, as a team leader working with all of our agents on our team, I don’t have to be the hero anymore in this triangle. I can now be the coach. Instead, what I’m doing is going in and saying, “How could you create a better solution? How can we talk through this?” Sometimes I get calls from agents and they were like cats on the ceiling. They are out on a ledge. I’m like, “Let’s coach them off the ledge. Let’s get them to a place of empowerment where they can look and start creating a solution.”

Sometimes it is calming down and doing some breathing exercises. Sometimes it is talking through, listening, and letting them go through it. Also, being patient, knowing I don’t have to be part of their drama. I’m outside of it. How can I support them and create a better solution? What could you do differently to create a better solution? If you are fighting with another agent, how could you create a solution? When there are two people fighting, maybe it is you and another agent, you and your spouse, or you and a kid, there are two people there, and they both play their roles.

It doesn’t start with one person. We try to work together to try to create solutions. That is something I have been excited about over the last few months I have been working through and trying to empower our agents. It brought so much joy to me because I have been able to get off some of these phone calls where I don’t feel stressed because this agent unloaded on me. Now I got a solution and process. I can offer them to get out of that and get into a creation point.

In our business, I’m doing much more commercial, which is highly unemotional. I will step into a residential transaction. Everybody is frantic. Everybody got to have it now. I’m like, “Everybody needs to calm down.” What is your take or read about the pace and emotion of a residential transaction? What is your advice on tampering so you and your other agents are calm if the seller is an idiot, we went through this, or the seller is tough? Whether you are in real estate or not, it could be any business where the people you are in business with are immediate, intense, high emotion, and things got to happen right now. What is your thought on diffusing or managing that?

The biggest thing you can do to help manage all those things is to communicate and stay structured and organized so that everybody is out there. The biggest challenge that we have in this industry is transparency. People don’t want to face it. This is something I have been teaching for years. I would tell back when I was teaching loan officers when they were getting their licenses, I would have them in the classroom. I was like, “Since you all are new, listen to this. Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend like this thing isn’t going to blow up at closing.”

If you know a week and a half ahead of time that we are late on the appraisal or the appraisal is not coming in, we have to do some research. You know that is going to keep us from closing on time. Tell those agents you have ahead of time and let them be there, rather than waiting until the day of closing and saying, “We are not ready to close yet, sorry.”

It is frustrating because what people don’t realize when closings run late is that it is not this one transaction, but this buyer is buying from a seller who is buying from another buyer. It is 8, 9, or 10 transactions that it is having this trickle effect, and it is stressing everybody out. Transparency is probably one thing people can do to keep everybody communicating and the level of openness there so they can get through the transaction smoothly.

Another thing that I use a lot is this tool called SHUVA that Gary talks about. You are Seeing, Hearing, Understanding, Valuing, and most of all, Appreciating them. When I have people coming in, I have to stop and bristle up. I have to go, “This is a person who got some pain. I’m going to listen to them. They need to be heard.”

Sometimes if you are cold calling, you call that person and they start cussing at you, that is not anything personal against you. They don’t know you. They are somebody who got some pain. Maybe they had 32 other people call them because their listing expired. They are getting all the calls and you are one of them. Everybody is attacking them so they are in some pain. You want to work to hear people and see them. It is like in Avatar. Remember in Avatar when she says, “I see you?” That line sticks in my head because that is what people are looking for. That is what we are all looking for.

I want to be acknowledged. I want to know that you understand and you appreciate what I do and provide. You hear me and understand what I’m saying to you. You can’t always engage with them on each item. Sometimes I want to be heard out. You can work together and it’s like, “That’s great. Thank you so much for sharing that information with me. I appreciate you giving me that insight. How can we work together to create a solution? We are all on the same side and team. We are trying to get this deal to closing. How can we work together to get through this?”

You understand the value and appreciate it after that. You have given us the triangle and the SHUVA formula. Who is the coach?

Gary De Rodriguez. You can check him out.

I probably need to get Gary on the show.

You should. I can introduce you.

That would be awesome. You are dropping bombs, and I appreciate that. You have given us things that people can use. You said that you were with the Girls with Grit event. You were one of the keynote speakers. Tell us a little bit about that event, what it does, and what was your keynote speech about.

Girls with Grit had a local event here in Dallas. They wanted to give people an opportunity to use some resources. Some of the agents were there. Some of the speakers were talking about branding, leadership, time management, or marketing stuff. I don’t want to talk about marketing. I always talk about that. A lot of the things we do as a team, I’m talking about all this stuff. I was like, “I want to talk about something different.”

These three ladies are dear friends of mine that I have met through some of the events. I will introduce you next time we go to a conference together. They are amazing ladies who have built an organization around themselves to help women realtors become more empowered and better leaders in their areas. Those girls are fabulous. They have hearts of gold. If you get into their community, they are pouring content into people to help them grow. It was a big honor for me to be working with them to share some information.

That is where I got into this conversation with them last time and being part of their organization as far as their event. What I was talking about was getting out of that drama triangle and getting into the mindset of success. The first thing I talked about was how to create focus. One of the things that women struggle with in life is focus.

If we talk about all the things that happen in the work environment, you got to make phone calls, return emails, write contracts, schedule showings, and listing appointments. All of these things are cluttering up your head with all the things you got to do. There is, “Should I be on social media? Should I be doing video and marketing?” All these things are going on.

As a woman, one of our superpowers is the ability to multitask. We try to juggle all of that stuff at the same time. It is all equal and we pull in our family. We intermingle it and try to make it all fit together. It doesn’t always fit together well. One of the things that we all struggle with as women are trying to figure out how to make all of that fit. You bring in church, PTA, and homeowner association. The kids got to get to the doctor. The kids have sports after school and scouts.

How do you turn that around and build it into a focus so you can accomplish what needs to be accomplished, you can go forward in your business, and not be burdened by all of the things? That is where something like Stephen Covey’s quadrant model comes in, where you have the urgent and important in quadrant one. You have the not urgent but important in quadrant two. You have the urgent but not important, and the not urgent and not important.

You figure out if I start putting all these things in there and start looking at playing games or looking on social media, that moves into quadrant four. Those are my time waste. I can start getting rid of those. Here are the things that I need to prioritize up here in quadrant one. I can start planning for the things in quadrant two. Life starts coming together in a rhythm. When you get the things that show up that you weren’t expecting, you can rearrange and move some of those things around. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Life and family are not easy. I have been the caretaker of family members, my immediate kids, and my father-in-law. You always get stuff thrown at you and it is never easy. Try to find a way to stay positive and stay focused and keep yourself out of that drama triangle. The next thing that I was talking about was moving out of the drama triangle, where you end up reacting like everything is crazy and your hair is on fire all the time. That is what my talk was about and how to turn that around. I even taught people how to use something like box breathing. It’s when you are feeling like everything is going haywire and you are always in a hurry.

Sometimes even men get pulled into some of the drama stuff. If you feel like your hair is on fire, you can always take control back. One of the easiest things you can do is box breathing. It is a box in your head. You breathe in for four counts, hold it for four counts, breathe out for four counts, and then hold that for four counts. Do that three times and your cortisol level will come down. You will be able to think, and you can make a decision that is appropriate instead of a reaction, like an animal instinct.

One of the things that are crazy is that we are not animals. Most people forget that. They are like, “That is how I react. That is the way I do things.” I was like, “No, that is the way animals do things.” We are all not animals. The sooner that we can learn and embrace that and give ourselves space to think, we can make decisions that are in our best interest instead of ego-driven decisions.

GAP 21 | Mindset Of Success
Mindset Of Success: We are not just animals. If we can embrace that and give ourselves space to think, we can make decisions that are in our best interests instead of ego-driven decisions.


Let’s use your dog. They see that piece of pizza your kid has sitting on the floor on their plate. They are like, “There is food. Go eat it.” A human is going to walk through and see, “There is the kid’s food. I’m not going to eat that because that is this person’s food.” I stop and think. I don’t go, “I’m hungry, and I’m going to eat it.” We are not animals. We can stop acting like them and give ourselves space to think. If we can all work together to be positive about that and create solutions, we are doing a much better job in our families and businesses. We can be leaders.

We are with Rachel Cahill, a keynote speaker, author, and broker. She does it all. This woman is incredible. She has given us six things that help you and your life and you and your business. You have accomplished a lot. Who was Rachel Cahill before she was Rachel Cahill? In other words, was there a time in your life when you weren’t that successful, felt like you were on your own, and went, “How am I ever going to turn this life into this success that you have had?”

I know you are humble and you don’t want to say it, but our show helps people bridge the gap from who they are to who they want to become and from where they are to where they want to go. What I like to touch on is who you were before you were and where you were. What is that story sound like? Was there a day, a person, or an event that happened where you said, “I have had enough and shit is going to change for me?” That is where I like to take you now. Tell us a little bit about that.

Let’s step back to 2008 when we were going through the recession. Let’s go back to that spot. That was a time when I left my husband because he was having a lot of personal issues that he was working through. I had two babies. I had one that was about 3 and one that was about 18 months. What I felt in my heart was that after spending many years trying to be in this relationship and be the hero, not knowing that I was a hero back then, but now putting that in the right labels, I understand. I was trying to be a hero and fix everything all the time. I was not able to do that, care for these kids, and be stable. I had the great privilege of being part of an education provider where I had been teaching. Jerry Rutledge is my dear friend. He had this opportunity to grow and expand this school.

I moved from Austin with my two little kids to Dallas, where I didn’t know anybody. It was a three-and-a-half-hour move, but it was an uproot and a restart. It was hard. Being a single mom was hard as hell because you didn’t get a break. In the middle of the night, afternoon, or evening when it is bedtime and the witching hour, there is nobody to help you. I can tell it wasn’t always pretty.

It was a great opportunity for me to separate myself from the drama that was going on in that relationship and restart and also create a better place for me to raise these kids because they needed to have a stable environment without the personal struggles built into it. I am not saying anything that is disparaging about my ex-husband. I’m still close friends with him. I hang out with him all the time. There is nothing bad that I’m saying about him.

Half the people that get married, this happens too.

We have a great relationship. One of the things that I wanted to share and part of my story is that we have managed to co-parent well together. What we did was we chose specifically not to badmouth each other, not to say things to the kids about each other. It was all like, “Let’s have a conversation about it separately. We are not going to escalate. We are not going to use language at each other. We are not going to call each other names.” That allowed us to not have a lot of the trauma and all the warfare stuff that comes with some of the separating relationships. You get all those war scars from that and those don’t go away easily.

We didn’t have to endure that. We have been able to keep our relationship going forward and be friends with each other. We have holidays together and birthdays together. It has been great. One of the things that are a pillar in my family is everybody is able to do that. I’m best friends with my husband. I got remarried. My husband’s ex, who is my stepson’s mom, I’m best friends with her. I sold them their home. We are such a close family, but that comes with putting all your emotions and stuff aside and doing what is best for the family and kids.

Going back to that period of time was a struggle for me because I had to reinvent myself and work to define who I was. I had my own business. I had a loan processing company, and I had been doing all these things, but I hadn’t had to stand on my own two feet. I had great parental support. They were always cheering me on. My dad and mom are still proud. My brothers and sisters passed away when I was in high school but everybody has been supportive.

I had to endure the challenges of real life, and you have to walk that path alone. I had to learn some of these lessons. I moved up here to Dallas in 2007, and 2008 happened. How am I going to pay my rent? We had to close the school down because we didn’t have anybody coming. Who is going to get a license when there are no houses to sell, or the mortgage industry is imploding? Nobody wants a license. Everything we were doing shut down. I had to work hard to create and reinvent myself.

I started consulting and finding creative ways to do that. I was lucky to have a landlord that was willing to allow me to pay half my rent at a time. Half on the 1st and half on the 15th because I didn’t have $1,100 to put together at the beginning of the month. It was tough. It taught me a lot of lessons. One of my go-tos was from Finding Nemo. It was this blue fish. Her thing is to keep swimming. That is what I did. I said, “I’m going to turn this over to God. I’m going to put this in his hands.” It is not in my hands. I don’t control all these things. I’m going to release myself from trying to control this and swim.

I have gone from school. I still am partners with Jerry on that. We have an online education platform that we do together. I ran a compliance department at a mortgage banker. They picked me up along the way, and that is where I ended up meeting my husband, who did software. I did software development and project management for seven years. I don’t know how to do all of that, but I can design the project stuff and run a project.

All of these opportunities, and there I met my husband. After about three years, I remarried and established a new life. We have pulled that together. That is where I came from. I bring a lot of varieties of different things and struggles to what I do in my life to try to help people grow because I know it is not easy. We have all been there. Cliff had his story as well. You had him on your show. Everything that you have gotten in your background and that happens to you does not happen to you because fate determines things, and God wants to make it hard. It is going to be hard, and you are a victim of this. It is an opportunity to learn.

If you think like a mountain goat, how am I going to get to the top of the mountain? Sometimes you only have these ledges that are an inch thick or you still got to find a way to pull yourself up to the top. That is going to come with having the courage and strength to know that at the top, when you get there, you will have some rest and relief. You have to keep going and doing the work. Keep doing it with love because if you don’t do it with love, you are going to burn out.

There will be another mountain right next to you that you are going to have to climb. When you think about your original attitude coaches, people are developed early. I love to know your definition of attitude. Do you recruit to attitude, and how do you spot attitude? Who was your first attitude coach?

My husband is very much into a lot of the self-development stuff. He is interesting to talk about. He likes to share a lot of that stuff. I have had the opportunity to go to the Tony Robbins UPW Event. I am a fire walker. I have this funny story that I didn’t buy the Fire Walker t-shirt because I was afraid that if I got there, I couldn’t do it, and I bought this shirt. I would be a fraud. I was like, “I can’t do that.” I didn’t buy the shirt the first day. Everybody bought the shirt.

The next day, the morning before I even got there, there were no shirts left to be had on the Fire Walker shirts. I did the fire walk and I do have this shirt. I ordered it online, but I earned it. That was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend that for people to go through that UPW training. They have one coming up, which is an online one. It is cool because you are on Zoom, but they have all these interactive things they do, like chopping a board. Instead of doing fire walking, you chop a board. Some of those people are amazing to meet.

I’m getting introduced through Cliff to Gary. All of these things have been building to put me where I’m at now. My life and outlook are changing dramatically. How I process things is different than where I was several years ago. Several ago, I didn’t know anything but the drama triangle. I didn’t even know I was in it. I knew shit was always happening, and I had to find a way to fix it. Fix it for someone, or it was happening to me. That has been a big change in my trajectory and has made everything different.

When I’m hiring and I’m looking at people that we are going to add to the team, we use some tools like DISC profiles to see if people are introverts or extroverts. Are they DISC? Where do they fit in that profile? Who is going to be a better fit for sales and internal stuff? It is maybe in inside sales or something like that. The DISC model is not the only thing that you can use as your hiring tool but getting to know people.

I know some people who have a DISC profile that doesn’t fit what they are doing now. They blow it out of the water, but they have created tools and resources to adjust for the things that would be a struggle for them. Somebody who is not super high eye and wants to go out and talk to people like me and somebody who wants to be in the background has to work hard to get into a sales role where they can talk to people. They have to go against what is natural to them. There are some amazing people out there doing some cool things that don’t match their DISC profiles, but you can use it as a ballpark.

That is probably attitude. To get out of your comfort zone is a conscious decision you make to say, “I’m comfortable being uncomfortable so I’m going to talk to people even though I don’t want to.”

With hiring and bringing people onto our team, we have virtual assistants. I work and look them in the eye even if I’m on Zoom. You look them in the eye, and you get a sense of their attitude and what they are bringing to the table. If you got somebody who is shut down and they are back here, you are like, “What is holding them back? What are they feeling with their emotion? Are they going to be fit for the energy level that is needed to do what we do here?

Real estate is not an easy place to be. You have to work. Everybody was like, “It is glamorous. I get to set my own schedule.” You set your schedule, meaning, “From this time to this time, I’m doing this part of my sales. From this time to this time, I’m returning this time. I’m doing this time-blocking.” You set your own schedule. You time block and you get effective on it. I want to bring people that have a positive mindset, are looking to grow, and are excited about life.

I don’t want to bring people who are going to be time vampires, who are going to suck the life out of you with everything they have. They are not just going to do it to you. They are going to do it to everybody around them. You have to protect your team from bringing people in that are going to be that energy sucks out of the team. Attitude is one of the most important things that people have to have. You have to be ready to work, positive, and in control of your emotions.

GAP 21 | Mindset Of Success
Mindset Of Success: Attitude is one of the most important things that people have to have. You have to be ready to work, positive, and in control of your emotions.


“You got to have energy and vitality,” as Tony will say. I always love to ask people, and sometimes they go, “Glen, I never knew my grandparents.” I’m wondering because I always believe grandparents, and I’m a grandpa, have a big influence on people. I’m wondering did you have a grandma or grandpa that had an impact on you? What did they do for work? I always think that is a fun fact. Let’s go back to grandma or grandpa. Did you have somebody like that in your life?

My grandparents didn’t all have an easy story. The beauty of my family upbringing is that my dad’s side had to recover from things that happened in World War II and overcome a lot of stuff that occurred as a result of that. On my mom’s side, my grandfather was a police officer after World War II. He had a work ethic. He worked himself up from a beat cop to the chief of police in Austin, Texas. He worked his way up, and my grandmother was there to support him with love, enjoyment, and excitement all the way behind him.

I didn’t get to meet him because I was only two when he passed away, unfortunately, back in the ‘70s. My grandmother, I had the pleasure of going and living with her when I was in college for a couple of years before she passed away. I got to not get to see her as, “Grandma, give me cookies.” I got to spend some time with her and get to know her. She was a volunteer servant’s heart and loved helping people. Something that I learned from her and enjoyed was that model of giving, loving, growth, and what you get back from that in return.

From those grandparents, I got that, and from the other ones, they came over from Europe, and they had a suitcase. My dad was a six-month-old baby. They came with nothing, and they had to rise up like the Phoenix, come up, and create a life for themselves. They created and got themselves to a place where they had a real estate portfolio. They had a great running business. They overcame a lot of obstacles.

I’m fortunate to have those role models. They didn’t always do things right. I don’t agree with all the decisions they made or the way they acted. If you look at the life lessons and the things that they had to overcome and use as tools that I can use to make myself better, those were things that I would say I have learned from my grandparents.

Who is the grandma you lived with? I feel like a maternal thing from you. That is cool. That is who that was. What was her name?

Her name was Velma Miles.

Here is to your best Grandma Velma, giver, nurturer, mother, grandmother, and mindset. We always like people to tell or give our GAPers a message of hope as we conclude the interview. To that person walking on the beach, driving the car on a trip, or walking their dog who came to this show to read about what it means to be a female entrepreneur, what is your message of hope for our readers and will call it a show?

Do everything you do with love. When you come from the point of love and helping others, you will grow together. In our company, they say, “A lot of a rising tide raises all ships.” That is true because if you have that mindset, giving heart, and servant leadership, you will all grow together and come up. Whether that is in your family or in your business, do it with love that is all you feel.

Do everything you do with love. When you come from the point of love and helping others, you will grow together. Click To Tweet

When we talk about season three, Carry The Light, what Rachel has told us, do it with love. It embodies our season three, Carry The Light motto. Rachel, you dropped bombs on us. You gave so much value to our GAPers. I know we did good and helped some people. God bless you. God loves you. I can’t wait to see you soon. We will see you in the next episode.


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GAP 21 | Mindset Of SuccessRachel has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 20 years and in that time has seen many changes in lending and real estate processes. Her focus has always been on providing the best information that she can to make the industry better.

Rachel’s vast experience in the industry allows her a broad background from which she provides excellence in real estate and mortgage education. She has offered compliance awareness, pre-licensing and CE hours to many hundreds of mortgage professionals through authoring and teaching courses, including at many conferences. She also oversees the online education program offered for mortgage and real estate education.

As a REALTOR, her real estate clients benefit from her educational background because she spends the time to ensure that her clients get not just top quality service, but understand the service that they are getting including understanding the entire process from loan qualifying, finding the right house, contract negotiations, closing the loan on the home, and even what happens after closing.

For over 15 years, she has provided mortgage compliance consulting services, bringing extensive experience in compliance plan development, pre-audit inspections, and post-audit resolution. She began originating mortgage loans as a banker for two years before moving into mortgage brokering as a TX Mortgage Broker. Many years ago, she saw a need and opened the first Texas contract mortgage loan processing firm and later sold the company as education became the primary focus. Rachel is still a licensed Loan Originator.

Additionally, she spent 8 years as a Project Manager of a web-based mortgage lending software platform. She led her team through designing and overseeing the development of the software, creating workflow efficiencies, compliance, and other initiatives in addition to training, testing and implementation. Her extensive background in mortgage compliance and mortgage technology allows her to design and implement software and compliance processes for Underwriting, Closing, Retail and Wholesale Origination as well as QC procedures.

Specialties: Mortgage Software Development, Real Estate, Real Estate Education, Mortgage Education, Mortgage Broker/Banker, Compliance & QC Consulting, Loan Originator Training, Contract Loan Processing.

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