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If you’re struggling to get your business out there, you’re probably not doing publicity correctly. You need to be clear on your message and prove that you are providing worthwhile solutions to people’s problems. Tune in if you want to understand the effective strategy behind publicity.

Join Glenn Bill as he talks with Master Publicity Strategist Jill Lublin. Learn how to publicize yourself to establish a good reputation and magnetize the right people. Also, find out more about the power of kindness and why you need to be conscious of it. 

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The Power Of Publicity With Jill Lublin

Welcome to the show. This is season three. Our theme is Carry the Light. We are so excited to have our guest, Miss Jill Lublin. Jill is in such high demand, we only got 25 minutes. Jill has been known to speak over 200 times each year. She is a master publicity strategist. If you’re a business person, this show and what Jill has for you is going to help you understand what publicity is and what the strategy behind publicity is. She’s a bestselling author and consistently wows audiences with her entertaining and interactive keynotes and seminars. Her training programs on publicity, networking, kindness, and influence marketing are something that everybody wants to do. She’s got 17,000 followers on LinkedIn. She’s been doing this for a little while. She’s a spitfire. I am told that she’s an awesome guest. Jill, welcome to the show.

I am grateful to be here. Thank you.

What we always like to do and what our goal is to help the entrepreneurs and the people that are tuning in to this bridge the gap between who they are and who they want to be, and from where they are to where they want to go. What is your advice, talking to our audience, whether they’re entrepreneurs, business people, or maybe they’re pilots, accountants, or attorneys? We have all kinds of folks that are tuning in to this. What’s your number one success hack when it comes to transforming into the person that you want to become?

I love being here because it’s all about attitude. Every day is a choice. What do you want to do? People say, “Practice random acts of kindness.” I say, “Practice conscious acts of kindness.” That goes to your life. I wake up every day and I say five things I’m grateful for. Some days, I wake up more alert and more alive. What I notice is that on those days that I don’t feel as much that way, those five pieces of gratitude bring me to a new state.

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I do think, and this is my bottom line advice, that we manage our own energy. Take steps, whatever that is for each of you, to have something in place. Mine is gratitude, meditation, and exercise. All of that help to elevate where you are to where you want to be. It’s a choice. Remember to smile. It amazes me. People could smile a little more.

I agree. You can not only change your day, but you’re going to change every other person’s day that you’re with throughout the day. It’s being kind. We’re going to get to the kindness part, but I want to stay on the attitude a little bit. What is your definition of attitude, and who is the best attitude coach in your life?

Somebody taught me about attitude determines my altitude. How high can I fly? Some of that is believing in things that you can’t see or don’t know how. There are plenty of places I’ve jumped and hoped and that appears. Honestly, sometimes, it hasn’t. Sometimes, I’ve failed, but here’s the deal. Life is about getting back up again, trying again, and trying new things. That’s part of the adventure. For me, it’s a lot about the adventure of life. That helps with having things to look forward to. That’s important.

I’ve been blessed to have many mentors, some have been on your show. James Malinchak has been a great mentor. Les Hewitt, who wrote The Power of Focus, has been an amazing mentor. Jack Canfield who I’ve had the blessing of working with and his success habits. All of those are things that I’ve incorporated into my life. I stay in constant personal development as well as professional development, but I keep myself in the consistent practice of getting better. Life is about practice. It’s not like we’ve arrived. If you stay that way, then you’re stagnant. It’s a consistent sharpening of the saw, getting better, or whatever that means for each of us. For me, it means consistent development.

Tell me about a time in your life when you knew that you had to grow, where you knew you had to develop, or where your attitude maybe wasn’t that great. What was that time? How did you shift your attitude? What did you do to your mind to help you think better? Maybe out of that, we can help some people that may have had the same issue you had.

I come from a family of mental illness. There was a lot of depression. To come out of that and to recreate was something I knew, “I better take care of this.” I got into what was called Lifespring at the time. All these wonderful programs have been very good for attitude adjustments for me certainly. I stayed particularly in personal development for quite a while. There was a time I fractured both ankles at once in multiple places and ended up in a wheelchair for close to six months. That changed everything. What did I do? I asked, “What does this mean for me? Why is this happening?”

Why is a bit of a booby prize question but sometimes, it helps to understand. Most importantly, what can I do to stay in positivity even in a place where I have to stay contained, so to speak? That was especially for somebody like me who was, at that point, also still traveling half the month and speaking in different places, and that was out the window. It’s like, “What do I need to do? What can I focus on?” For me, it ended up being a TV show that I created called Messages of Hope. I want to stay positive. I want to give positive messages to people. I always have seen publicity and the media as an opportunity to do that.

You started your own TV show called Messages of Hope. Where did that debut, and how in the world did you get that from idea to on-screen?

This is one of the things I teach in my virtual publicity courses because everyone can do this in their neighborhoods, so to speak. Whether it’s Comcast, Warner Bros., etc., they have studios that the FTC has mandated to give a certain amount of free opportunities to wonderful people. In your own communities, there are public access channels. You can do your own shows. It’s super simple. It is free. That was the opportunity that I used to shoot 90 shows. I did 90 segments. They were 26 minutes to be exact. It was wonderful. It continues on my website. I got the opportunity to interview amazing people. Frankly, it’s something I’m proud of. That becomes part of my library of media.

I’m going to walk into Comcast, Spectrum, or whatever provider there is and say, “Jill Lublin sent me.” They’re going to go, “Another Jill Lublin follower.”

You all have a bit of training to get through that. It’s boring, but other than that, it’s a wonderful opportunity to host your own show and have all the control. It’s awesome. We had a three-camera shoot. It was amazing technology. It was well-done studios.

You said your family is from mental illness. We’ve had a few unbelievable people. We all come from some mental illness in our families. What I always love to ask people is, did you know your grandparents? What did your grandparents teach you about attitude? What did they do? Was there one that you were closer to? I always believed that generation has so many inspiring stories for our show. We always love to ask our guests about their wonderful grandparents. Did you have a relationship? Who were they? What did they do, and how did they change your attitude?

I wish I did. This is one thing for me that is a bit of a pain in my heart. That is I did not have grandparents I knew well. On my mom’s side is a little better. I remember grandma. She had this flaming red hair. She was outrageous, fun, and way ahead of her time as was my grandpa who she divorced. At that time, they were getting a divorce. He was a gypsy, carnival, and circus guy. He owned fur stores. He was a traveling guy.

As I reflect on them, they were ahead of their time, but they weren’t with me for a long time. By the time I was 7 or 8, I lost all my grandparents. I didn’t grow up as much with them. My dad’s mom, I don’t remember much of. My dad’s father died when I was one year old. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that grandparent upbringing, which is a miss because it’s a beautiful thing to have for children especially when they’re not your parents and they shower you with all kinds of goodies.

Let’s talk about kindness, which seems to be one of your keystones or your hallmarks. Why did teaching kindness and researching kindness grab you? Why are you the messenger of kindness, do you think? Tell us a little bit about what kindness is, what it means to be kind, and what the benefits are of being kind.

There are a couple of things. It grabbed me because of my 85-year-old friend. She is turning 86. I’ve been the one responsible for her aging journey. That means I run over when she falls down. I’ve taken her to lunch and doctor’s appointments. I’m letting her know that she’s forgetting and all kinds of stuff. It’s been all rough. Honestly, she’s in a state of dementia that I don’t even think she knows when I’m there, which is sad when you’ve seen a friend through 30 years and know who they are. This is hard for all of us no matter what part you’re playing in this.

There was a point when I was driving her to lunch and she said, “You are so kind. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a new currency, the currency of kindness?” I was like, “Exactly.” All of a sudden, I approached my publisher and said, “What do you think of this book idea?” They changed it to The Profit of Kindness, but that’s okay. This book has done amazing. It has been in seven Fox News interviews in the first 30 days on TV. It has been in Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur multiple times. It’s consistent.

GAP 13 | Publicity
The Profit of Kindness: How to Influence Others, Establish Trust, and Build Lasting Business Relationships By Jill Lublin

When the book was born, as I like to say about books because they do come out all of a sudden, I had the inspiration to do kindness circles. I’m a publicity woman. I understand the importance of publicity. We were busy promoting the book. A few years later, COVID hit. You know what happened. The world shut down. I said, “This is the moment. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do it online,” and we did. 60 people showed up for the first one. I thought, “I’m onto something.”

We have a community of over several hundred people. Every year, we have a Kindness Summit where we bring forth people together who talk about kindness. We have lots of circles. We’re doing it for two hours on November 12th, 2022. I’m super excited about that. I’m happy to invite all your audience.

We’ll go ahead and post that on the show’s Facebook page. I’m sure there’s a link, probably, if I go to your website. We’ll copy-paste it and put it in.

There’s a special link for the guests that we can get to.

We’ll do what we can to help you. How many are you going to have, several hundred at this one?

Yes. Usually, the summit in particular gathers a bigger crowd. It’s always beautiful. I’m big on ten-minute speakers because the real purpose is for people to be connected in kindness, and to give to each other in kindness. That’s the stand I’m taking in this world. We need to practice conscious acts of kindness every single day. Just do one. I promise you. It’s simple and easy. If I get to the end of the day and for some reason, I haven’t, I’ll send a text or a nice email and acknowledge someone. It is always doable, simple, and free. Kindness is one of those wonderful pieces in life that enable people to show up, simple and easy, without having to do much except maybe even a smile at times.

I love that. We have Global Attitude Awareness Day and Attitude Fest. We do a lot of that. Our number one rule for our attitude boosters is to be nice. We talk a lot about the positive ripple effects of being nice and how it compounds when you simply do it. We try to tell people to get in ten compliments. We talk about complimenting. Get in ten compliments before noon.

I love that.

When we’re talking when we do our seminars and I’m keynoting, I always tell people, “Compliment the person to your left,” and then I say, “Fake compliment the person to your right.” With all the fake compliments, the room explodes. I’m like, “Even when it’s a fake compliment, everybody’s feeling better. I don’t want anybody to be not authentic or real, but complimenting in kindness helps.” Let’s talk about publicity. What are the three things our audience needs to know about publicity? What are the three most important things that maybe somebody could go out and do now to help promote and publicize their business?

The first thing is your message. You got to have a good message that’s concise and precise and that focuses on providing solutions. It’s not like, “Here’s what I do. This is what I do.” It’s about you, the reader, the viewer or the listener, and what it is solving problems in the marketplace. Deliver golden nuggets as you speak about those solutions. That’s how to do a message in a quick moment. That’s a great lesson in what a message is. It’s focused, concise and simple. It’s a five-year-old language. That’s key.

GAP 13 | Publicity
Publicity: When publicizing your business, you need a good message. It needs to be concise and precise. Focus on providing solutions to the reader or viewer.


Secondly, I want all of you to go to Google Alerts and put in your name as well as maybe a phrase. For me, it was kindness. When I wrote The Profit of Kindness, that’s how I found out we have World Kindness Day. What will happen is it will alert you as reporters are writing things or featuring your subject. You’ll get notified. That’s a great thing to do.

The third tip is to spend an hour a week creating what I like to call visibility-building activities. It could be following reporters on certain social media. It could be doing the actions we’re talking about. It could be networking. Make sure that you’re spending an hour. We can divide it into segments if that’s too much. It can be two 30-minute segments. Focus on building your visibility, and I promise you results will happen. That consistency will create momentum to bring your name to the forefront.

The power of publicity and what it does is the three Ms. It Magnetizes you, Monetizes you, and Multiplies you. That is something that’s simple, easy and free. That’s the power of publicity. I want to say that I’m having a super cool challenge. I’d love you to post that, too, for all your audience. They’re simple and easy publicity tips that are going to move you quickly.

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We’re on the video platform Spotify. People will be able to see this as well. Go check it out. Maybe I’ll jump in there and try to do some of that with you. That sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s talk about your keynoting. Are you still doing 200 keynotes a year, or have you backed that down to 50 or so?

Others got spoiled on the, “I’m not getting on a plane all the time unless you pay me a good amount of money.” What I would tell you is I’m doing a lot of virtual speaking. I’m having a blast at that. I did do my first in-person keynote in 2022, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been speaking. I’ve been speaking probably more than I’ve ever spoken before on virtual forums and summits for all kinds of groups and associations who bring me into their virtual meetings. I’m having so much fun doing that.

I’ve adopted new behaviors. You got to get props, learn how to be a star, and say yes to the media. You got to have some fun and do some things that are different on Zoom and different in meetings. I trained myself. I took a class by James Malinchak about how to speak powerfully on Zoom. I’m staying up and Adam. This has been one of the best recreations for my speaking career. It is the opportunity to speak for groups and associations virtually. It’s fantastic.

Before you were a speaker, what were you?

I’ve been in the wonderful world of publicity for a while. I would tell you I was a publicity consultant and then turned into a PR agency. Once Guerilla Publicity came out, I recreated that into virtual publicity courses. I’ve been doing that or some variation thereof for quite a while. I started my career, interestingly enough, in the music business. I was the director of promotion and publicity for four independent record labels, which gave me great experience in learning how to promote music. The music business and acting are all about perception. Simmons of Kiss is a brilliant businessman. He understood the value of perception and publicity.

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I know I only got three more minutes left with you. I was going to ask you. You’ve been around a lot of powerful, successful, and influential people. Who was that one person that you’re like, “I’m a little nervous?” What did you do to get your confidence up? For those people that may have that big appointment, that big sales call, or that big challenge in front of their life that maybe they’re feeling like, “I’m not enough. I’m not sure I can do this,” what is your attitude, and what was your attitude when you got into that realm of the super influential? How did you flip that switch, for the people that are tuning in?

Interestingly enough, it’s Dr. Timothy Leary. I met him when he was 70. He had on a blue blazer with a cashmere white turtleneck. He could have been my grandfather walking in. He was 70 at the time. He was a brilliant man regardless of any perception that people might have of him. Interestingly enough, I got hired by The Learning Annex to support a tour that he was doing about virtual reality. I didn’t even know what virtual reality was, so I had to do a quick course on that and help promote Tim.

He was a big voice in promoting virtual reality, which is in all kinds of opportunities to play with that. He was amazing. I was a little nervous. Especially that day, we had interview after interview lined up and a big photo shoot at a very nice San Francisco restaurant. He had interviews every hour and a half. It was that superstar fun thing that publicity people enjoy. It was a wonderful day.

Tim was an amazing and graceful host. The hardest thing for me was that 7:00 AM interview in downtown San Francisco. I was looking good, meeting Tim, and having fun. It was a wonderful rock-filled day. One of the things I’ve noticed when I am afraid is that excitement is the same energy as fear. When I am afraid, here’s what I say, “I’m so excited.”

GAP 13 | Publicity
Publicity: When you’re afraid, just say “I’m so excited” out loud. The feeling of excitement has the same energy as fear.


I love it. Spoken in the words of the Pointer Sisters. As we always end our show, we love to give you an opportunity to speak one-on-one to the folks who are looking to bridge the gap from who they are to who they want to be, and from where they are to where they want to go. You could do your best PR to tell your message of hope for them and your thoughts on their success.

First of all, I want to say to each of you that number one, congratulations for being here and for putting yourself forward to take the next step to learn to grow. That’s the first big thing. It’s to be willing to grow. That’s key because you are always growing your beautiful garden. You are an evolutionary flower and messenger. Your message matters. You grow your garden consistently throughout your life. It’s important to know that your message matters. That’s the way your garden grows. It’s to keep knowing that.

Thank you so much for that. That is an inspiring message. Your insights on publicity, networking, and kindness have changed us. You may have started the television show that Jason and I have been wanting to do for years. We’re so grateful that you were part of the show. We appreciate your positivity and your attitude. We wish you as much success that you can handle. We hope that everybody goes to Jill Lublin’s courses, goes to her Kindness Day, and goes to her challenge. That’s all on her website. If you want to enhance her life, Jill is somebody that you want to follow. Thanks so much.

Thank you.


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About Jill Lublin

With 200+ speaking engagements each year, master publicity strategist and consultant, and bestselling author, Jill Lublin, consistently wows audiences worldwide with her entertaining and interactive keynotes, seminars, and training programs on publicity, networking, kindness and influence marketing.

Jill has shared her powerful networking and publicity strategies on the stages of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, James Malinchak, Lisa Nichols, Richard Simmons, and many others. Additionally, thousands of people have attended her popular Publicity Crash Course.

Over the past 25 years, Jill has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national and international media as a highly regarded publicity expert. She has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc. magazines.

Jill is the author of four bestselling books, including: Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw-Hill), Networking Magic (Morgan James), and Guerrilla Publicity (Morgan James), which is regarded as the “PR Bible”, and her latest book The Profit of Kindness (Red Wheel Weiser), which went #1 in four categories. With four international bestselling books, Jill is acknowledged as the go-to person for building success through influence marketing, networking, and publicity. She helps authors to create book deals with agents and publishers and well as obtain foreign rights deals.

Jill is also the Producer and Host of the TV show, “Messages of Hope”, which inspires people to take positive action to improve their lives and create a better world. In addition to her speaking engagements, Jill trains and consults with executives, sales teams and marketing departments in Fortune 500 companies, as well as in small-to-medium-sized companies. Her innovative influence marketing and publicity techniques consistently increase bottom line results for her clients.

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