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Attitude is everything. When we understand that we can alter our lives by altering our attitudes and mindset, that will cause us to feel a different way and achieve the results that we never had before but that all of us truly want. On today’s show, Jon Talarico joins Glenn Bill to share the story of how he got out of his not-so-good attitude to become what he is today, someone who’s helping other people transform their lives. Jon is one of the world’s foremost experts in building successful relationships. He also shares how to cultivate a great attitude and overcome our dreams’ naysayers, including the biggest one – ourselves. Your goals don’t have to take that long. Start changing your belief system by changing your behavior and see the results you want in your life!


57:17 – Introduction to Jon Talarico.

5:15 – What was your attitude. Life wasn’t fair. My life was determined by outside circumstances. Les Brown taught me I can change my life. The last of human freedoms. Need to change my bad attitude. A victim mentality.

7:43 – Advice to older guys. My kids are why I’m here. Working with Les Brown, Akon, Daymond John, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, Sonia Ricotti.

10:15 – What is Akon’s attitude?

14:31 – How do you overcome the naysayers?

20:06 – Is there a difference between a millionaire and billionaire in terms of attitude?

22:56 – How do you help people with the process? Take a good long hard look at yourself. Think and Grow Rich book. Love ourself. “The Self Confidence Formula”

28:05 – What is your thoughts on world view and couching them though all the negativity? Don’t listen to the nonsense. Find an accountability partner.

35:50 – Knowledge through the decades. What is the attitude lesson at childhood? Adventure! What is it you would truly love to do?

38:24 – Attitude lesson at the age of 10. Why does life hurt?

41:26 – Attitude lesson at the age of 30. Do what you love to do.

42:51 – Attitude lesson at the age of 40. I want to see the world. Havana, Cuba. Two people removed. 6 degrees of separation doesn’t work anymore. The world has changed.

45:04 – Attitude lesson at the age of 50.

46:55 – Closing message. There is still time to change the direction of your life.

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Bridging the Gap from Broke to the Million in You with Jon Talarico

Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you we have a guest that I believe is truly one of the greatest coaches. There’re a million coaches but this guy not only coaches but coaches for and has been entrusted with people like the great Bob Proctor and Les Brown. Here’s what’s so cool, in this episode, you are going to get to interact and witness him in person. You’re going to get to see what I truly believe is one of the premier coaches in America firsthand.

I’m telling you, we are so honored to have Mr. Jon Talarico. He is the Founder and podcast Host of The Million in You. He has a six-month coaching program where you get to talk to him, not some hired hand to vet you but the Jon Talarico. All you got to do is go to for that one-on-one opening coaching session to see if it’s good.

We are here to help you to get from where you are to where you want to be and from who you are to who you want to become. We are doing that in season two with the influencers and innovators of life, personal development and business development. It’s so cool to have a gentleman who’s done so much for me, a guy that I’ve been following, Mr. Jon Talarico. Jon, welcome to the show.

Super excited to be here. Thank you for that great introduction. I can’t think of a better podcast because attitude is everything as you know. I’m honored to be here with you.

We’re going to talk a little bit and open up about attitude and you get into some of the cool things that you do and do for people. When you think about all the people you’ve coached and all the famous people you’ve worked with, do you have a personal definition of attitude? Also, what do you do to keep your attitude on point, positive and infectious for those who come into contact with you?

For me, I believe the best definition I heard of attitude is one from my good friend and mentor Bob Proctor. He says, “Your attitude is a composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions.” It’s like that cake mix. We want to understand how we can control our thinking, which then causes us to feel in a certain way and then everything works based on law that causes us to act in a certain way.

When we understand that we can alter our lives by altering our attitudes and mindset, when you change right, attitude is everything. When we change that and develop those right kinds of thoughts that will cause us to feel a different way, to achieve the results that we’ve never had before but that all of us truly want.

What do I do to maintain that good attitude? You can cultivate a great attitude by focusing on gratitude every day. What does that mean? Every day I write out ten things or people that I’m grateful for. What I’ve started doing is not only am I focusing on the things that are already in my life but I want you and your readers to start being grateful for the things that are already coming. Why? It’s because when you make a decision to change your attitude when you start to live your life from the end, where you see the wish fulfilled already, you know it’s already done.

I’ve started writing out five things that are already in my life, my kids and depending on the year Michigan football gets on there but then also the things that are coming, which I know are already going to be done because I maintain that attitude. What I’ve learned is we can go from an I can’t attitude to I did. It’s so important every day that we control how we think.

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Sometimes, what I found is there’s no magic potion. People just aren’t necessarily born with the attitude but people have had to go through, grow and learn in their attitude. I’d love to hear your story when Jon Talarico had a not-so-good attitude. What was that time in your life? Who were you at that time? What was going on? Who did you become after you got out of that? Who helped you out of that? What was your attitude, both when it was bad and then when it was good? Tell us that story.

I grew up in Flint, Michigan. Broken home at a time where that wasn’t common. I developed an attitude that thinks life was not fair like, “Why is this happening to me at an early age when it’s not happening in any of my friends?” My one saving grace was my grandmother who always told me that I could be and do whatever I wanted if I maintained a good attitude and treated people with respect and kindness.

She was one who looked out for me but I had one foot in that good attitude and one foot in that bad attitude. That bad attitude overgrew anything that I thought I was going to do. It caused me to sabotage my life and I was fired from every job I’ve ever had. I went through my 20s and 30s with that attitude of my life was determined by outside circumstances. That I didn’t have control yet, my financial future was in the hands of circumstances outside of me.

I started listening to people like Bob Proctor and Les Brown talk about, “It didn’t matter what had happened to me or my circumstances but I could change my life.” I read a book, Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. I read in there that he said, “Everything can be taken from a man or woman but one thing and it was the last of human freedoms.” That was to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances and to choose one’s own way.

I realized at that time that I had to stop blaming everyone for my life that I was 100% fully responsible and that I had to change my attitude. I had a very bad attitude. Short with people, unhappy and a victim of, “Life wasn’t fair.” I realized at that moment after I read that book that I was the problem. I had to realize that I needed to change my behavior, attitude, thoughts and feelings. The minute I started to do that, things started to change in my life.

When we talk about changing your life, one thing I thought that was so cool is you’re my age or maybe a little older, not to exploit it but you have these young, beautiful kids at an older age. What’s that dynamic like? What has that whole dynamic done for your attitude and what advice do you have for guys that are our age having babies?

I got to that half-century mark and the next thing I know I had a beautiful daughter. A year and a half later I had a beautiful son. That is a reminder each and every day for me to have a great attitude. What that has done is reinvigorated me to realize why I’m here. They’re why I’m here. I want to leave them with the impression that they can be, do and have whatever they want. That they are unstoppable. That they’re unlimited. That they can connect to the right attitude, read things like this and understand that with the right attitude they can do anything that they want in the world.

Speaking of my kids, there was that moment when I saw a picture of them. They live in different countries. My daughter is in Toronto and my son is in Atlanta where I live. They were able to meet and that was one of the most beautiful days in my life where they were able to meet each other and my daughter got to meet her brother.

In 2020, when all of this stuff is going on out there, I took on an attitude that I was in charge of me. That no pandemic or anything else was going to define my financial success. I looked at that picture of my two kids together and I said to myself, “One day they’re going to ask me, ‘Dad, what is it that you do?’” I realized that I was doing stuff for everyone else and not doing stuff for myself.

I’ve gone to school at the University of Michigan to become a teacher. I always wanted to teach but then I started listening to the outside world, “Teachers don’t make any money. Why would you want to do that?” What did I do? The complete opposite. I went and got an MBA in Finance and proceeded to not do what I wanted to do for decades.

GAP Jon Talarico | Building Successful Relationships
Building Successful Relationships: Have an end goal in mind because that’s the place you’ll live from.


It was at that moment, I said, “I’m going to do what I love,” and I’ve made a committed decision to go into coaching. I absolutely love it. You’re right. I have amazing clients. Been blessed to travel the world with people like Les Brown and Akon and work with people like Daymond John, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, Sonia Ricotti and just been really blessed. That started the minute I changed my attitude.

Certainly, some very notable clients. I would love to know, what’s Akon’s attitude like? What is the attitude lesson that you learned from that legend?

It’s an attitude of, “No matter what. I have an end goal in mind and that’s the place I’m going to live from.” I don’t know if you or your readers have read a book called The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. Goddard talks about living from the end and how do we do that? We use the greatest gift we’ve ever been gifted, our imagination. To see ourselves as the person we wish to become and not thinking that we need to get somewhere but that we’re already there and then we take massive daily action.

That’s what he does. He maintains a great attitude every day, treats everyone with kindness, I’ve been able to travel the world with him for years and I’ve never seen him be mean to any fan ever. Time permitting, he has always stopped to take a picture, give an autograph and he can’t stay there all day but he’s never been rude. He has that great attitude and he’s very grateful for all the blessings that he’s received.

I saw a video of you dancing during his show or something on stage.

I told people when I posted that, “Don’t be stealing my moves.”

Go to or hit him on YouTube. It’s pretty cool to see that. How did that relationship start? How did you find him or how did he find you?

To go to the theme of your show, Glenn, when you take on an attitude that you can do anything and that you are going to be relentless in your pursuit of what you want, you can achieve things like this. I didn’t have any connections when I first started out. Obviously, growing up in Flint, Michigan. My grandma used to make me listen to Les Brown on the radio every Sunday in the church in Detroit. I promised her one day I’d meet him. The same with Bob Proctor. You have to make a decision.

I have through some other connections, a billionaire client in India, who called me and asked me if I could get Akon for his birthday party. It was a private birthday party in India. When an opportunity comes, you always say yes and don’t worry about the how. As I teach all my clients, don’t worry about the how, that’s not your business. Focus on the end result. I told him, “I can get him.” Where do we all go when we want to research things? I looked to see where he was going to be performing. In the next few weeks, he was going to be in Toronto.

I flew to Toronto thinking, “It was a done deal.” I had someone with money and I’m going to march in there. There were 10,000 people at that event. No way I was getting backstage. I had no connections to get backstage but I was willing to not give up. I went back to Google that day and found out there was an after-party that evening. I went to that location. It was in a small strip mall and there he was. I saw him with a woman next to him. I waited and bided my time. We can call me a stalker at the time.

I waited for two hours until she went to the restroom and I went up to her and I said, “Ma’am, I’m too old. Not a groupie. I don’t need a photo or autograph. I don’t even need to meet him but I have an opportunity if you could introduce me to the person that I could speak to, the money will be wired next week and I would like to discuss how we can get this done.” She was great. Didn’t even meet him that night.

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She took me to a person and within days we had that transaction done. Within a few weeks, I was meeting Akon in London. Five of us flew to India and then from there, the next thing I know I’m in New York in the Empire State Building with Akon and another business partner of ours. We had an 11,000 square foot office. A couple of years later Daymond John and the FUBU guys had the other half. That’s what’s possible when you don’t take no for an answer and you have that great attitude that you teach all your readers each and every episode.

I sent you a Facebook message of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mindset as he became the world champ. I don’t know if you were able to watch it but that blew me away. He said, “Have a vision and don’t listen to the naysayers.” That was the big one. What’s your advice to your clients who have the dream but their biggest naysayer is, number one, themselves but it’s going to obviously be the other people? How do you overcome the naysayers and ultimately, the biggest naysayer for most people, yourself? How do you do that?

I call that the committee. It’s this thing here that holds daily meetings without our approval. How do we quiet the committee so that we can conquer? You talked about the gap but there is a knowing-doing gap that we all have. We know a lot of stuff. A lot of your readers, they’ve been to seminars, they read books and they listen to you, Glenn, they know what to do and yet, we don’t necessarily do what we know how to do. Why is that? We have to start to understand and look at paradigms, our habits and then start to recognize and develop the awareness to know that we are doing these non-productive activities each and every day. That we try to convince ourselves that we’re busy but we’re not very productive.

Go back to the very beginning, we have to have a goal. We are goal-seeking individuals. Most people don’t have a goal. They don’t have any idea what they want because they don’t want to spend the time thinking. Most people would rather die than think. What I encourage all my clients to do in the very beginning is come up with what I call a C-type goal. Those are things that you’ve never done before but these are wants. This is where you build the fantasy in your mind.

You don’t know how it’s going to happen but it excites you again and then what do we do? The only way to bust through those old habits and paradigms is through constant repetition. We watch the same lesson twice a day for two weeks at a time and we work on conquering that knowing-doing gap. How do we do that? By reminding ourselves that we were created in pure perfection. That everything is here in one form or another. The way that you and I are having this conversation, Glenn, has always been here so supply is unlimited.

When you recognize that, you start to realize that you can have whatever you want by doing things in a certain way. Not just by doing certain things but doing things a certain way. Everything works by law. If you look at nature, nature’s perfect. What we do is, start to change our mindset. We start to understand our marvelous minds. Most of us, you ask them to work on changing their mind. They’ll think and ask them to give you a picture, they’ll draw a picture of the brain.

The brain is no more your mind than is your fingernail. We have to start to understand what our mind is. That’s on a very basic level of the conscious and subconscious part of that. We want to get into the subconscious part of the mind. That’s where 95% of everything is programmed. It’s immoral and it doesn’t care what you plant. You got to be careful of what you plant in the garden of your mind. Weeds or wisdom. People like you, show this, giving people the wisdom to know that they can deal with the committee and then we all hit it. We come up against the terror barrier.

How do we blast through the terror barrier? We have to start changing our daily habits. We have to develop a daily success ritual. All my clients have a daily success ritual. They start the day the same way. Most importantly, I have a daily accountability group. They all check-in. It’s not to make anyone feel bad but it’s simply an awareness exercise. Why? It’s because the results will always tell who’s doing the work. You can guarantee success if people will just follow the blueprint. That involves doing things in a certain way and then we take massive daily action. We track what we do.

We’ve had amazing success with our clients and that’s how you can bust through the terror barrier, battle the committee and quiet that noise. We learn to live from the inside out. Why would you ever want to listen to someone who’s not even living the life of their dreams? Why would you ever want to put your financial future, your destiny, in the hands or circumstances of things outside of you? When you realize how truly powerful you are, that you are in complete control of you then you can have whatever you want and then each and every day is a great day.

GAP Jon Talarico | Building Successful Relationships
Building Successful Relationships: We try to convince ourselves that we’re busy, but we’re not very productive.


This took me four decades to get. This is why I share this openly with other people and my clients is because everyone is here to do something great. We all have what I call The Million in You. It’s that one unique thing that we do better than anyone else on the planet. Our mission and job while we’re here is to discover what that is, extract it, bring it out so that we can change our lives and then change the lives of our family and friends, community, country and eventually, the world. It’s so important that we have a goal and we stay laser-focused on that. One of my favorite verses from Scripture is, “A double-minded man is unstable in all ways.” That comes from James. We want to be very clear about what it is that we want, not what we think we can get but what is it that we truly, really want.

If you’re looking to bridge the gap in your life, relationships, business and personal life, go to You can sign up and you can have a one-on-one conversation with this innovative and influential coach, Mr. Jon Talarico. There’s his calendar and he’s like, “Let’s go.” I’m more than happy. Thank you.

That’s with me as well, you’re not going to get one of my other team members. For Glenn, I told him you will get a 30-minute free consultation with myself, I would love to help all of you figure out how we can bridge that gap and get you where you want to be.

You have clients that are millionaires and billionaires, I want to know, is there a difference between a millionaire and a billionaire? What’s the difference between millionaires and billionaires to those people that are not there? What’s your take on all that?

I’ve got people who even sold their cars to get into my program. Average people like you and me. Those are my favorite ones because we’re opening up a whole new world of possibility to all of them. The celebrity clients, millionaires and billionaires are no different than us but they have a different attitude. They’re disciplined. They are willing to take full responsibility for everything in their life.

The difference between millionaires and billionaires is attitude. My client in India, I have 2 or 3 clients that are billionaires, these don’t photo ops either. These are actual people that are on my phone that I do business with. One of them owns one of the football clubs in England and they have an attitude that it’s already done. That comes from understanding how the universe works, that everything’s created twice and they’ve already created it in their mind and then they just watch and take daily action as it manifests itself in the physical world.

They get up the same way we do, Glenn. What has allowed me to develop these relationships is something I teach all my clients, that you always want to leave people with the impression of increase. All my relationships have started because I was willing to do something and be of service first rather than ask for something in return for myself upfront. That’s where most people get the gap and the attitude wrong. It’s that, “What’s in it for me?” It has to be, “How can I help? What can I do for you? What can I do to help?”

Glenn, you wanted Les Brown. Done, not a problem. We have to realize that we’re all in this together. They’re not my contacts or your contacts. We’re part of one. Whatever you believe. We can all disagree about the before and after but while we’re here, let’s help each other out. Let’s know that you can have whatever you want. It doesn’t mean that Glenn or myself doesn’t get to have what we want. That requires a shift in attitude.

Thank you for getting Les Brown. That was a huge day for me. I feel like I owe you one, Jon and I will get it done for you but I know that’s not how you operate. No zero-sum stuff here. You mentioned something that a lot of people have an issue with, which is discovering. You said the process begins with discovering who you want to be.

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There are people I know reading and going, “I don’t know how to discover. I’m lost. I got too much of a committee talking to me.” What’s an exercise for somebody reading this who’s feeling lost? Someone going, “I got no purpose in my life and I don’t know how to discover what I want.” How do you help people find that discovery or what’s the process?

I was there. For those of you reading who are feeling frustrated, stuck, confused, some of you may be ready to give up. I understand that because I’ve been there. I don’t want you to think my life went from 0 to 100. It’s been a struggle. I speak openly about some of the situations I’ve had to overcome so I understand that. I like to say I’m like the United Nations of dysfunction and drama. What I’ve been able to do is overcome that. I’ll share with you how.

First of all, I had to realize that I had to take a cold hard look at myself. For years I avoided looking myself in the mirror. I would go and wash my face and I would do it on an angle and maybe pick up from an angle quickly because I didn’t like who I was. I was disappointed in the choices I’d made. I had to be honest that I didn’t like myself, let alone love myself. What I did is I read a book, all of you should read this book, called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. I started to learn and understand about self-image. I started to realize that I had a very poor self-image of myself and that my results were never going to outperform that.

I realized and understood in that book that we have two self-images. The one that we project to the outside world, that everything’s great, no problem, “You want something done? Come to Jon, I’ll take care of it for you.” There was also the other self-image. That’s the one that we live with on our subconscious level, which is, “I wasn’t good enough. I was unhappy that I messed up and ruined every opportunity I had been given.” That is a false self-image. That’s where the committee comes in.

What we have to realize is, one, that we have it and then, two, we need to change it. How do we do that? We start to create a self-image of the person that we wish to become. I have all my clients create a self-image vision board. I have them take characteristics of the people that they admire and then incorporate those into their own self-image.

I have them stand in front of a mirror. It sounds very silly but they read the self-competence form that takes two minutes a day. It’s in Think and Grow Rich, you can all print it out, it’s one piece of paper. They stand in front of that mirror and we start to realize that we are something very special and unique. That we are powerful, magnificent, beautiful and we can learn to like ourselves and that we can love ourselves.

We then start to make different choices. We start to change how we think about ourselves, which causes us to change our attitude and we start to feel better. When you start to feel better, opportunities, people, places and things start to show up in your life. Other people are going to start saying, “Glenn, you’re so lucky. What a coincidence.” It’s because you changed your frequency and your vibration. Everything’s always moving in some form or another.

When you realize that you can change your frequency, vibration and feelings, the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, will respond to that new feeling with a new reaction because everything works on law, action and reaction. You start to get new results. You start to realize, “I can turn my annual income into a monthly income. I can have that dream car and relationship. I can give my two weeks’ notice to a place that I don’t even like.”

When we start to wake up, why would you ever want to spend one second more at a place you don’t like, with people you don’t feel inspired by and yet we can go and give our notice. Not knowing what’s next but knowing that we have something inside of us that we truly would love to do. That’s worth coming in and setting your goal is. A C-type goal is something you’ve never done before and so that’s what I did. It requires 100% responsibility, it requires us to be honest, leaves our ego and asking for help. My clients realize that this is not just a six-month program, this is a way of life. It’s a family and so they start to develop the awareness that they can control themselves. You control you. It’s been an amazing ride.

You said it’s called the Self-Confidence Formula that you have people to Think and Grow Rich. It’s in the book, you can get it. Jon has given us several great resources, Man’s Search for Meaning, The Power of Awareness, Psycho-Cybernetics and The Self-Confidence Formula. What he’s saying is beautiful, good, meaningful and it will help you bridge the gap. There are four other resources he gave you that if you’re feeling like you’re stuck and that there’s more to your life, go get those four books. Read the books and start.

GAP Jon Talarico | Building Successful Relationships
Building Successful Relationships: Why would you ever want to spend one second more at a place you don’t like, with people you don’t feel inspired by?


Jon, talk to me about this time, environment and world. It’s crazy, people are crazy. The media, politics and world seem like a tremendously different place than it was years ago. What’s your thought on worldview and how are you coaching people to not let the worldview and all this craziness affect them so negatively? What I see when I’m interacting is people are so upset. Their attitudes are instantly affected by the craziness that is going on in what we call the world now. Any thoughts on that?

It’s the news, the nonsense and the negativity. They are instilling in us a fear-based way of life. My clients, the ones who follow what we teach, myself included, have had the best months of their lives as far as financially. They’ve learned to live from the inside out, not listening to all that noise and nonsense. Not living from a place of fear.

Knowing that they decide what they want for their financial future. They are the ones who determine their destiny. What do they do? They don’t listen to that stuff. They fill their minds with like-minded people. They read blogs like yours, Glenn. They read these kinds of books that we’ve been sharing. They take action to guard their thoughts.

If we allow that fear to creep in, what’s going to happen? That keeps us in a very low vibration. It keeps us in a place of worry, doubt and anxiety. What do you think you’re going to attract in your life when you’re thinking those kinds of thoughts? Whereas on the other hand, everything has an opposite, the Law of Polarity. There’s that fear. The opposite of fear is faith. Not blind faith, that’s not worth anything. Unwavering faith to know that you are God’s highest form of creation, that everything’s already here and that you can have whatever you want.

When you move with unwavering faith your life starts to accelerate. You start to achieve success and things start to happen very quickly. Where people get a little bit hung up is that requires us to believe in things we cannot see. Yet, that’s where all the greatest miracles, advancements over the course of human history have happened. It’s because a man or woman was willing to not believe what they saw. Seeing is not believing at all. It’s believing that’s seeing. Our eyes deceive us.

We want to live from our six highest mental faculties, our spiritual gifts I call them, our imagination, intuition, memory, reason, perception and will, the ability to focus. We have a problem with focus. We allow it and get bombarded by so much nonsense. We do this all day long. We’re swiping and we’re worrying about likes and all this stuff when we are giving away our power, not realizing that we control our future.

That first hour in the morning is important our daily success ritual. We realize that we can’t manage time. We can only manage our activities. You have to have a goal. When you are laser-focused on that C-type goal, you don’t allow any outside nonsense to take you off track. We have a daily accountability group. Accountability is your insurance policy to success.

For those of you reading, find an accountability partner, even it’s as simple as from Monday through Friday to check in and say, “I didn’t listen and watch the news now but I created my own news feed.” Get in a group of like-minded people. There are so many wonderful people out there that are from a different type of mindset and attitude. You want to take action but you want to take the right action.

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Jon, what I want to know is what’s going through the person’s head that goes, “This stuff’s all good but maybe it’s not for me.” For God’s sake, it’s a leading coach in America who’s saying, “I’ll give the GAP readers a free 30 minutes,” and they’re talking themselves out of it. They want to go to Jon Talarico or and say, “My life is worth 30 minutes,” but they’re going to talk themselves out of it. First of all, what are they thinking? Second of all, why are they thinking it? Third of all, what could you say to maybe help them take the chance to recognize their destiny and their greatness?

The committee’s talking. We have to realize that we’ve been so programmed to think small and be realistic and yet, we’re having this call because someone was willing to change their thinking and to take a chance. One, awareness. The only issue in the world is a lack of awareness. The Wright brothers didn’t get a piece of paper in the mail that said, “Orville and Wilbur, put these things together and then you can know.” They knew that everything worked with and by law and that they found a way to work with the law. Now we’re able to travel all over the world.

One, recognize that you are here for a reason and you have that million in you inside of me. It doesn’t matter what has happened up until now. For those who don’t know my story, if I can do this, any of you can. Number one, recognize what’s speaking to you. It’s the commitment. Number two, this is absolutely no cost, free 30-minute call. Let’s see if I can show you how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Let’s get you excited about your life.

The third thing, Glenn, is they’re going, “Jon’s going to try to sell me something.” I’m going to try to enroll you in your greatness. The fact that you can have, do and be whatever you want in your life. If you want to leave your job and start your entrepreneurial career, no problem. You can achieve quantum leaps. Your goal and dream don’t have to take six months. It can happen now. What we need to do is change our belief system and attitude. We want to change that belief system by changing our behaviors.

The other thing, Glenn, is that we’ll find ways to justify things that we want. I can guarantee you, everyone’s got one of these, $1,000, $1,500. Yet, we won’t invest money in the greatest supercomputer on the planet. One, recognize your worth. Two, be honest if you’re struggling. It’s more important than ever that you now book that call.

Let me show you how I’ve been able to do this for hundreds of people all over the world to change their attitudes, change their minds and teach them how to master their thinking so that they can now think their way into the results that they want in their life. Take action. Let’s change the course and direction of your life. Let me help show you what’s possible, not only what’s possible but what’s necessary for each and every one. You’re here for a reason.

Jon Talarico, the Founder of The Million in You. You have an opportunity if you want. In my show, we hope to bridge the gap from who you are to who you want to become. This is a guy that does more than just a podcast. This is a guy that will work with you. My mission is to help people get attitude in their life. I enroll, align and create friendships with some of the best coaches in America to help you do that and Jon is certainly one of them.

Jon, now we’re going to have a little fun as we roll down our show in this thing that we called Knowledge Through the Decades. What we do is we ask you what the attitude lesson is that you learned at different points of your life. This helps us get to know you. This is fun. You’re going to be profound because I know you. Let’s have fun and walk through your life and the attitude lessons of your life. We always like to start with childbirth. We know that you may or may not remember being born but what do you believe the essence or the attitude lessons of birth or new beginnings are?

The attitude of then was an adventure. Everything is new and exciting. The attitude of discovery.

When we talk about reframing or reprogramming a person’s attitude or their life vision or their discovery, what is the number one most important thing to tap into that sense of adventure, awareness and discovery? What’s the one most important thing to help our people with that if they’re having trouble?

GAP Jon Talarico | Building Successful Relationships
Building Successful Relationships: Take action to change the course and direction of your life.


It’s to use their imagination, Glenn. It’s to dream again. It’s to go back to when we were children, where we didn’t allow what was perceived as limitations to stop us from drawing those things and dreaming those things that we wanted to do. When we were kids, there was no one to tell us it’s not possible. The number one asset that we have is our imagination. Dream again, spend time, turn off the phone, turn off all the distractions and sit down and let your mind go again about what is it that you would truly love to do. Don’t worry about the hum.

“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.” That was from the great Willy Wonka. “There’s no place I know that can live in your imagination,” something like that. I love that song. If you want to get happy, go listen to Gene Wilder sing that song. It’s beautiful. There’s nothing more powerful than your imagination.

As Les said, “Jump and grow your wings on the way down.” Jump being the imagination. Let’s talk about when you were ten years old. You were in Flint, Michigan at ten. I want to know if you remember your teacher. In that 3rd or 4th grade timeframe in your life, was there a day, a week or an occurrence in your life that changed your attitude? What was the attitude lesson you learned at ten?

My parents were divorced by then, Glenn, so things happened to me. The woman who was entrusted to protect me should have to go through. My attitude at ten was why does life hurt. Yet, I had an angel at that time. I remember her name to this day, Miss Schuster. I know she knew what was going on in my home as far as my parents separating. She went out of her way to make me feel special, give me hope and give me love and kindness. She was my teacher in 4th and 5th grade. I started to have this conflict between life births and yet, there are still beautiful, wonderful, nice people in the world.

I’m getting ready to do a keynote speech for some teachers. I’d make sure that story of the hope, redemption and rescue of these teachers who don’t make a lot of money. It’s quite possibly the reason you want to be a teacher at Michigan was because of Miss Schuster. Here’s to her. Is she still with us? Is she gone on too?

I’m going to look into that and find out.

Go give her a big Give Attitude Show hug. What a beautiful story. Now you’re through high school, you got to be in Ann Arbor at twenty. Number one, was Michigan winning? Was Schembechler the coach? What was your attitude lesson at twenty years old?

The attitude lesson there at age twenty was that you can do whatever you want. If you do things in a certain way and apply yourself, you can do whatever you want. Unstoppable.

You did whatever you wanted whether it was good or bad back then?

Yes, Glenn. As I matured and got older, I realize I did whatever I wanted and it wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do. I made some choices looking back that I would have maybe chosen differently had I had the awareness to know that mindset attitude is everything.

Open up your eyes to see the beauty and the gifts you've been given. Click To Tweet

Did you beat Ohio State in your senior year?

That’s painful. We did not or may have been one of the last teams to beat them. It’s been so long. I refuse to go into the Notre Dame Stadium and the Ohio State Stadium. When my friends wanted to go on a tour of those stadiums, I sat in the car.

Now you’re out of college, what job were you doing at 30? What was your attitude lesson? What was going on in your life at 30? I’d love to know what profession you’re in.

Glenn, I was running my own business then. I’d started my own printing and packaging company. I had an attitude of, “I could control my financial future. I am an entrepreneur.” During my 30s, my favorite quote was by Carl Jung, “I’m not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” I had that great attitude of, “I am becoming an entrepreneur. I am an entrepreneur.”

The attitude in my 30s was that do what you love to do. I was called to be an entrepreneur. I did not like working for anyone. I was fired from every job. I realized that my true love was to control my own financial future. I made some decisions along the way that didn’t necessarily work out during my 30s but the attitude was, “Pursue your dream. Go after what you truly love.”

Did you sell the business or did you have to shut it down?

Shut it down.

We go through your 30s. You’re an entrepreneur and now what happens to you? Do you remember your 40th birthday? Where were you and what’s the attitude lesson?

I do remember. I was in Havana, Cuba for my 40th birthday night. My attitude lesson then is I want to see the world. There’s a huge world out there of amazing people. I celebrated my 40th birthday in Havana, Cuba, with a nice Cuban cigar and back to that attitude of adventure.

Through the 40s, were you an entrepreneur, discovering, traveling or writing your book? What was going on in your 40s?

In my 40s, I realized that I wanted more. I started listening. I saw the movie The Secret. I heard Bob Proctor talk, “If I could see it in my mind, I could hold it in my hand.” I could manifest and attract the things in my life that I wanted if I changed my thinking. I heard people like Les Brown tell me I got to be hungry. I got to go after what I want. I made a decision in my 40s that I was going to develop relationships and partnerships with the top people in the industry so that’s what I did. I had no idea how I was going to do it.

In my 40s, the attitude was, “I am going to form these relationships and these partnerships no matter what.” With Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Akon and all of them, that’s what happened. It all started from a place of doing little things for big connections. I call it being unique, Glenn. It’s an attitude I took on in my 40s of what I call two people removed where I believe and I teach us all the time that we are only 1 or 2 connections away from anyone on the planet. Six degrees of separation doesn’t work anymore. The universe the world has changed. Technology has advanced too quickly.

I teach an attitude of two people removed. I can show it. I prove it all the time when I speak. I can show that if you have a goal, vision or dream that needs to get to somebody like a president, a queen even, billionaire, entrepreneur, industry leader, it doesn’t matter, it can happen. That attitude in my 40s was, no matter what.

GAP Jon Talarico | Building Successful Relationships
Building Successful Relationships: Pursue your dream and go after what you truly love.


You then hit 50. We talked about the kids and all that.

The attitude of, “How do you change the diaper, Glenn?”

Maybe starting over and rebirth was your attitude lesson at 50. I didn’t want to say it for you but if that’s what it is, it is. What was the attitude lesson at 50?

My attitude at age 50 was God’s spirit. The universe is beautiful and grateful. I am truly blessed. My attitude was to open up my eyes to see the beauty and the gifts that I’ve been gifted in these two beautiful children.

Thank you for taking a walk on our Knowledge Through the Decade and talking to us about the adventure of a newborn baby about why does life hurt when you were ten, the ability to do anything when you got to twenty then the entrepreneurial spirit kicking in at 30. This adventure and discovery phase at 40 and then the gratitude and spiritual gift phase at 50. What a beautiful life. What a great story. What great information, roadmap and plan.

Most importantly, what a great opportunity to network with Jon and get him on a 30-minute call. If you’re sitting there saying, “I’ve had enough. Things got to change,” this is a man that can do that for you. This is why he is on the innovators and influencers season of the Get Attitude Show. Jon, if you would, I would love for you to give an overall sweeping, good well wish or a message of hope to everybody that is concluding this show with this. What would you like to tell the world and most of all are GAPpers about their potential, destiny and ability to form their own life the way they wish?

Thank you, Glenn. There is a blueprint to achieve success and it’s all based on law. When you realize how truly powerful and magnificent you are, it doesn’t matter what has happened to you or what you’ve been through, you are not through. There is still time to change the course direction of your life that you can have, be and do, whatever you want.

I will leave you and share with you one of my favorite quotes, which sums up this attitude and what Glenn is teaching all of you. It’s by Kahlil Gibran. He says, “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life. Not so much by what happens to you as by the way, your mind looks at what happens.” When we learn to understand our magnificent, marvelous mind and how to master our thinking then you can have each and everyday life beyond your wildest dreams. Each day is a beautiful, magical and marvelous day and you can change the world.

Thank you, Jon. I’m going to get you for one more quote because one of my favorite people to listen to and study and this gets back to Jon’s energy, Michael Beckwith is somebody that I watched on the Oprah interviews. I’ve read books. This man is unbelievably beautiful and calm. Jon spent time with him in Costa Rica. He came on he said it and I’m like, “I can’t believe that.” I know you got a whole week of information but can you give me one little Michael Beckwith thought or something that rocked your world because that’s what he does?

Thank you for bringing it up. When you have an unlimited mindset of anything’s possible, not only was I with Reverend Michael Beckwith for a wee but I was also with Martin Luther King III, his oldest son for a week. It was an absolutely truly powerful, amazing week. He said during that week, “What if every morning you woke up and said, ‘The entire universe is for me.’” He said, “Don’t look for your dreams to become true. Look to become true to your dreams.” I’ll leave you with that quote from the Reverend.

That is fantastic. GAPpers, thank you so much for following us. We were with the great Jon Talarico. All you got to do is go to if you’d like to talk with him and if you’d like to begin to bridge the gap from who you are to who you want to become. Jon, thank you for being on our award-winning show, the GAP. We will see you on the next episode of the Get Attitude Show.

Thank you, Glenn. Congratulations.



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About Jon Talarico

Considered among the world’s foremost experts in building successful relationships, Jon Talarico has directly worked with thought leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and of course, countless individuals just like yourself, looking to create an impact, and a flourishing, prosperous life.

Jon has spent decades in researching and testing out the chemistry of self discovery and opportunities, developing a simple-to-understand system that anyone can apply and yield meaningful results with.

Having endured a difficult life growing up, seeing many distressing facets of life, Jon understands and knows what it’s like to have a difficult life. Your experience may be different, but the pain remains the same. His experience paved himself a path to help transforming lives, which he as been doing for over a decade.

Jon’s message of hope in immense possibilities beyond common imagination formed the foundation of many success stories to date.


Jon has spent decades in researching and testing out the chemistry of self discovery and opportunities, developing a simple-to-understand system that anyone can apply and yield meaningful results with.

Having endured a difficult life growing up, seeing many distressing facets of life, Jon understands and knows what it’s like to have a difficult life. Your experience may be different, but the pain remains the same. His experience paved himself a path to help transforming lives, which he as been doing for over a decade.

Jon’s message of hope in immense possibilities beyond common imagination formed the foundation of many success stories to date.

“I truly believe we can change the world by connecting and creating one relationship at a time.” – Jon Talarico

What Jon teaches through his coaching programmes, is the same fundamental mindset that he himself practices every single day. The same mindset, that brought around for him a lifestyle that was once beyond the wildest dreams.

Today, Jon has travelled to over 38 countries, 5 continents, including some of the most exclusive and beautiful places one can think
of. Jon has also helped produced two Hollywood films, became co-owner of a $25 million dollar sports franchise. More importantly,

Jon had the priviledge of helping bring the gift of hearing to over 1,600 hearing-impaired patients in the Caribbean. Be his life as dreamy as it can be, Jon remains a humble, down-to-earth human being.

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