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Glenn Bill

Glenn will share his secrets for you to Take a Quantum Leap in your real estate business.

Glenn recently published his second #1 International Best Seller; Source of Sales: A REALTOR’S Guide to Increasing Confidence, Conversions, and Commissions.

Glenn is a nationally known speaker for Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Sales, and Attitude. He is off the road this week and agreed to spend some time with us and discuss

his tricks to becoming a REALTORPRENUER and getting a closing check every week of the year! His 2023 Sales exceeded $50 million!

You can attend one of his LIVE Seminars by going to or contact him directly for Keynotes or LIVE training for your company.

Please join his Facebook group @sourceofsales or visit his website at for more information!

Glenn Bill has smashed 35 years of living the life of a top performing real estate broker into this unmatched real life training system. There are way too many get rich quick schemes out there for REALTOR’s, this one is from the heart and soul of an existing practicing REALTOR who has presented this system to tens of thousands of agents across the US! It is GUARANTEED to make you money and is also a proven guide for Brokers, Sales managers and Team leaders to train there team with America’s #1 Real Estate Sales How To Trainer! Glenn has averaged selling over 125 homes per year for the past 20 years! He still takes listings and closes buyers which makes him unique in the world of trainers who never sell or haven’t sold in years. Get RAW and REAL Training and turn your business into a weekly paycheck machine by joining Glenn in his world famous Source of Sales Training!

This course is for REALTORS/OWNERS of all levels of success. It is truly one of the very few courses that focus on the agent’s development as a salesperson. It is loaded with anecdotes, skill development, and most importantly live demonstrations. Developed as a comprehensive gateway by a Broker/Agent who has lived, breathed and eaten this content on his way to making MILLIONS in the Real Estate Brokerage business.

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