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Glenn Bill Endorsed by Darren Hardy

Glenn Bill is quickly becoming one of the nations most dynamic and prolific speakers on Sales, Success, Expectation, Value, Attitude and Effort. Glenn has sought out the greatest teachers and ...leaders Darrin Hardy being one of them! Don't listen to what Glenn has to say but listen to what others have to say about him.[+] Show More

Praise for Glenn Bill

“Coach Bill’s book has helped me thoroughly assess my attitude, as well as my ability to interact at a higher level with my peers. He has profoundly assisted me with great professional developmental tools. Great insights!”

“Glenn created the momentum for myself and my foundation to distribute millions of dollars of medical supplies around the world yearly. He is a close friend and advisor.”

“In all my years of football, I’ve never had a coach that got me more ready and mentally prepared to go into a game like Coach Bill.”

“Glenn’s message lasted more than just a day for our organization. He was memorable, energetic, relevant to today’s market, and he just ‘gets’ what most speakers don’t!”

“Glenn’s message delivered real, tangible solutions my salespeople could implement right now! Great creativity, thoughts, and ideas! He did an excellent job.”

“Glenn’s enthusiasm, energy, and delivery is just what my company needed at our kickoff event. His ideas were original and his ability to get my agents to think differently was eye opening and motivational.”

“Glenn is unbelievable. It is rare to find an experienced business owner and salesperson who has walked the talk like Glenn. His presentation came from his heart and the road of hard knocks. We love Glenn’s no nonsense, positive, direct, and enthusiastic presentation style. Every time he speaks to our 300 agent sales force, he lights their fire!”

“Glenn has been a student of my training for over 20 years. His dedication to professionalism is admirable. He lives what works. I recommend that you give serious consideration to engaging him to create positive momentum for your company or team.”

“Glenn Bill is in the top .0002% of business leaders in North America today…you can trust that he stands ready to deliver excellence and exceed your expectations.”

“Engage with Glenn, he delivers high-energy with a side of humor, and he is passionate about it. My personal advice, don’t just hire Glenn, get to know him and his story…great guy!”

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